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Quick question...really trying or letting nature take its course?

Hey all i was just wondering when you all do start TTC are you going to just go about as you normally do and let nature take its course and become pregnant when ever that may be........OR are you going to change your life style to a certain extent, keep track of your ovulation and have alot more lol

I supose when we start TTC in August we are just going to go with flow. I don't want to make it too stressfull which knowing me it may well become lol I know every month when the time comes though i'll prob go crazy anyway and test a bunch of times haha although hopefully it wont take too long.

what about all you? x

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Mrs M
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Hi, we are going to be ttc baby #2 in august too! We are going to try and be as relaxed as possible and just go with the flow. I have to say when we were trying for our dd, we dtd more often. We started trying end of April and conceived in June. We are hoping it will be as quick as last time but if it doesn't happen as quick I'm sure we will have fun trying! Good luck and we may see eachother in ttc. x

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I'm going to be a tracker for sure!! There is no way I could be relaxed...When we are ready TTC#2, I'm going to want it to happen asap...I know I won't have the patience LOL

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We'll just go with the flow. OH is a pretty laid back guy so I'm hoping it will rub off on me! I don't want to put too much pressure on getting pregnant straight away .. It will happen when it's supposed to happen! We'll probably just increase when I'm ovulating.

Saying that I know I'll be a complete nutcase when the time comes! More with the after part though! I'm a POAS-aholic! I'll run myself into debt buying tests! I'm so impatient when it comes to these things, even if I know it's too early to even show up, I'll still take a test!

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When we start ttc #2 we'll do exactly the same as the first time. I didn't want to make it stressful by charting etc so all we did differently was to dtd every other day. We conceived first cycle so it didn't get too tiring! Hopefully it'll happen as fast next time although I don't think oh will complain if we have to carry on that for a while longer!


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We're just going to let nature take its course.
I generally have an idea when I ovulating, but I can't be bothered to chart and stuff -I'd totally forget to do it all the time. So we'll just have to do the deed many times and hope we get lucky
Sounds kind of fun that way!

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With our first baby(MCed) and Emma we just stayed really relaxed about it. The only thing I did different was lay there a while longer afterwards so the spermies could have plenty of time to swim upstream.

This time around I am using a clearblue fertility monitor. Only because I'm breastfeeding and my cycles are ridiculous. And we only have 5 months to try before DH is deployed again so time is NOT on our side.

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We plan to just go with the flow. Our LO was concieved with while i was on the pill so I'm hoping that #2 won't take to long. Even if we are waiting quite awhile.

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I think in some cases it's better to let nature take its course- be relaxed as possible, stress-free and just have fun dtd. Lately I've been very curious so I've been getting into charting and all that stuff but I doubt I will keep it up longer than a few months since by then I hope to be able to figure out my cycle/predict stuff easily which is easier done when the cycles are regular.

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I want to be relaxed about it too and enjoy the process but I expect we'll increase the bd'ing during ovulation! I'm not going to start temping, charting etc until we've been trying a few months and haven't had any luck.

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