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Planned C-Section ???

Hi, so i have wrote a couple of threads on here with regards to my extreme fear of childbirth & Anxiety.
I was watching One Born Every Minute tonight which showed planned cesarian births, although it did not look pleasant at all, i felt a lot more relaxed watching it & also i would know the day, how long it will take etc & i feel some what at ease (weird i know) lol.
I was just hoping for some feedback from people who have had planned cesarians, what could you feel? how painful was it after? & also the recovery etc.
Any experiences shared would be much appreciated!

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I've not had a c-section, personally I would prefer not to have a c-section when I give birth in the future.

I've heard that recovery can be hard - or especially that the abdomen muscles will be very weak.
I can't imagine planning to have my abdomen muscles cut into, without a very very good reason. But, I am a musician and my ab's are extremely important to me.

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Mine wasn't planned, it was emergency and I can honestly say I have no clue why a woman would ever choose willingly to be split open like that. It made breastfeeding so hard in the beginning and I couldn't walk for weeks. I didn't even feel back to my old self until 3 MONTHS! My incision had a pocket of fluid that built up behind it and it burst open all over my sofa while I was napping. And than it leaked for months and months.

This next time around, I will probably try to have a vaginal birth as long as DH is home. But if he's deployed I will have a planned c-section because that way I can have family here to watch Emma and we'd know exactly what day the baby would come. Which is really the only advantage of a planned c-section IMO. "planning" it.

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I too had an emergency c-section and would never wish it on anyone it was a horrible experience and pray that next time I can have a vbac.

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I had a natural delivery but my twin sister had an emergency c-section. I was up and walking around within a short time after birth and I was on the go right away. Tiff wasn't walking till like the next day. She could get around well for a while and still has pains in her c-section scar after two years. Vaginal births are easier to recover from. It isn't as bad as people make it sound. Its a wonderful experience that is well worth it. After seeing the pain my sister went through with hers I wouldn't choose to have one unless I really had to.

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I had an emergency c-section. Personally, if I could birth vaginally, that is the smarter, better way to do it lol. It's less predictable but an easier recovery 9 times out of 10, IMO.

If I knew ahead of time what would happen, I would have certainly opted for a scheduled c-section. And I will be taking it when/if baby #2 comes rather than attempting a VBAC. Discussed it with my OBGYN and she said I'm not likely to be able to do it given my size etc.. and I don't want to relive the labour I had with my daughter. I will be more comfortable and relaxed going into a planned c-section and better prepared to deal with the recovery and more aware of complications etc than I would be if I chose VBAC.

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Hiya, I had an emergency c section rather than planned due to complications during my labour. It all happened so fast to be honest it's like a whirlwind. I felt no pain though and as soon as my spinal block had worn off the next day I was up and about with no pain at all. They removed my catheter and that was that. My abdominal muscles were weak for a little while (about 8 weeks) and it felt funny when I would sneeze or cough but I was up and about and in a lot less pain than most of the girls I know who have had vaginal births.

I will most likely be opting for a planned c section with my next one because I cannot put myself or my baby through what happened last time.


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Hiya, if theres no medical reason for it then u will not b allowed a planned csec, u dont get to choose (unless u pay to go private or have previously had a csec).

i had a vaginal birth with my 1st, then a csec with my 2nd and can say a csec is in no way easier, its 10x harder in fact. i struggled to even lift my baby out of his basket! where as with a natural delivery you are pretty much back to normal in a few hrs.

everyone is scared of labour and birth but its an amazing thing to experience and theres always the choice for an epidural if its the pain ur worrying about.

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I watched OBEM last night and it made me all the more set on doing everything possible to have a vaginal birth!

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I had an emergency section, i already had an epi from being in labour for a long time so i didnt feel a thing, i guess all experiences are different because the girl who had the twins on OBEM seemed to feel a weird sensation.

I has quite a quick recovery, its just hard the 1st few days to get used to it and knowing what you can and cant do, i even got married 12 days later!!

I made sure i took all my meds, and didn't have any pain, i did have the odd burn sensation when sitting up some times though.

forgot to add that next time i would like to go for a VBAC, theres so many things that i feel i missed out on due to having a section, so if i can avoid another one then i will!

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