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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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maybe baby?

Well I probably haven't been missed, but I thought I would update. OH still hasn't had the full surgery yet. He had a small part and the full part where they remove the cyst completely will be done some time this month.

Meanwhile, we were NTNP for a little while, and It's been two weeks since my missed period. I always thought I'd be so anxious, I'd take the test right away... but actually, I'm so afraid of being disappointed, that I haven't tested at all. I am probably going to give it another couple of days, I'm starting to finally get anxious.

That's all, I think.

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I remember seeing you around wtt before.
Good luck to your oh with the rest of his surgery, I hope it all goes well.

And I can't believe you haven't tested yet when your 2 weeks late! That's restraint! Have you got any sort of pregnancy symptoms at all? You should definitley take a test! 2 weeks late it would definitely show and if it turned out you weren't then at least you could move on and focus on your next cycle!

Let us know!


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Yah! Welcome back. Great news about your oh and his surgery, fingers crossed it goes ok.

Now TEST!!!!!

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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remember you thats good news about the op i hope u get the result u want x

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Good news for your OH

There is no way I'd not be able to test! TEST

I hope you get the result you want! Keep us posted

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