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Can I join you girls?

Hello! im kirsti and <<<< they are my 3 beautiful boys me and oh have been together 7 years and get married in sep! (excited ) we were ttc and decided taht the wedding would be priorty .so we will be starting to ttc in july (so that if i fall pregnant i aint to far on so i fit in my dress)
THE reason im joining in here as its starting to drive me MAD!!!!! i want to start now! i dont want a huge gap with my boys tbh but i feel like people think im being ungrateful and im not i love my 3 boys and do anything for them. but i think i want to be complete as a family
anyone else starting to get ready? xxxxx

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Hi and welcome exciting that you get your TTC date so soon and your wedding fun times ahead for you

Wow your 3 boys are adorable, how do you cope with the 3 of them all being so young? You must be one very busy mummy

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Hiya and welcome to wtt!

I'm sure your wait will fly by what with the countdown to your wedding and your 3 gorgeous boys to look after!

I don't think anyone will think you're ungrateful for wanting to complete your family. What everyone wants and sees as being their complete family is totally different. Someones ideal may be 1 child but someone elses might be enough for a football team!

Good luck with the wedding plans and ttc when the time comes!


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Hello there and welcome to WTT. We are hopefully going to move to TTC in May or June. Have a few things to get sorted before then.

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I'm sure it will fly by for you if you concentrate on your lovely boys and your wedding. June will be here before you know it! xx

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welcome ur boys look lovely congrates on ur upcoming wedding x

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