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Am I being selfish??? Living Situation

My OH and I live in a 2 bedroomed ground floored flat. It's a really spacious flat with a garden and we absolutely love it.

The thing is we really want a close age gap between our LO's. So we want to start trying in August when Isla is 1. But....we can't afford to move, and don't really know when we will, as the houses in my area are really expensive. But I won't move anywhere else because we are in the best catchment area in the city for schools.

So the babies will have to share a room. Do you think we are being selfish or un-reasonable? Does anyone else have any experience of this type of situation?

Thanks xxx

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no hun i dont think you are being selfish and unreasonable, kids love to share bedrooms, even when i only had 2 and could of put them in seperate bedrooms they wanted to be together so they shared and had a playroom.

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I don't think that is selfish at all. To me schooling is very very important - if it means staying where you are and sharing a room then I would def stay and not even think twice about it. You are ensuring a good education and putting their future 1st in my eyes.

Now a girl I work with - I think she is selfish - they 2 kids that have to share a room because her and her husband want/have to have a computer room.

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There's nothing wrong with sharing in my opinion. Although I've not the experience as a mum, I shared a room with my sister until I was 7, she was 9. Loved it. Was was particularly great is, when we were old enough, we used to get up in the morning and just play quietly(ish!) in our room together, so mum and dad got a lie in!

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Mrs M
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I dont think your been selfish at all. We are in the same situation and currently live in a spacious 2 bedroom house and we are going to be ttc baby #2 in august. We did have the talk whether we should wait until we get a 3 bedroom house which we are hoping to do in the future but at the minute with falling house prices and houses not selling in our area we may have to wait until it's a better time to move. So we decided that we would ttc in august as we would like a fairly small age gap. We are planning to have baby in our room for a few months and then they can share. X

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I dont think youre being selfish, we are in the same boat, and hoping to start ttc this Summer. You sound like a thoughtful loving parent, and no amount of bedrooms is going to trump that xx

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I don't think you're selfish. Me and my siblings all shared rooms for a couple years.
My one older sister shared a bedroom with our new baby brother and I shared a room with the other sister. I don't remember having any negative feelings or issues with that.

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Old Mar 3rd, 2011, 12:30 PM   8
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As all the others have already said, you aren't selfish at all! Kids love to share bedrooms and the very fact that you're saying you don't want to move until you can afford to stay in the area your in for schooling is showing you're being completely unselfish!

We have a 3 bed house and plan on ttc number 2 in May and will prob put the new baby in with Summer anyway. I think it's nice for them. The only reason we may put them in separate rooms is if the new baby is a bad sleeper and keeps Summer awake or Summer becomes a bad sleeper and keeps baby awake!


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We live in a 2 bed house and are planning to ttc 1 in August / September. We have to stay here for at least another 4 years due to conditions on our mortgage which means we will probably end up having 2 babies sharing a room for a while anyway due to wanting them close in age.

I don't think children tend to mind sharing. If anything it would be teenagers! So no - you're not being selfish

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as said above u are not being selfish at all, sometimes its best for kids to share a room for company and to keep an eye on each other (when they are a little older) even if i had enough rooms to keep the separate i think i would want them in the same room until they got older xx

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