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Where's my AF!!..............

Hello Ladies,

As a lot of you will know I had the implanon implant until just over a month ago and then went on the pill as we start ttc at the end of april I was hoping it would help get me back in to routine with my cycles etc...

Well I took my last pill of the packet on Tuesday and it is now Saturday evening and still no sign of AF - I have done it this way round before just before we ttc Blake and I got my period in my pill break as normal in the first month but this tim I haven't had anything. Its now worrying me that my body isnt going to get back to normal as quickly as it has in the past and it may take a long while for me to regulate let alone get pregnant!

I know its only early days but my body has always in the past got back to normal so quickly,and you all know how we are on here - a slight worry and we have to write an essay on it!!

Just wanted a little bit of a vent - maybe its the fact that I am worrying about it that its not coming! So now I am just going to answer my own thread by saying...... chill out, stop stressing it will come when its ready and good old faitful - its not a real period anyway - just a withdrawel bleed so no need to panic!!

sorry for sounded slightly insane

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u have answered it for urself chick lol hope it shows soon x

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