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Originally Posted by Parker_Podge View Post
I have often wondered this myself. So, based on the comments made here, now I am contemplating what I am?? I do not chart, not on bc and dh and i rarely use condoms. We use pull-out method. Does this mean I am NTNP since im not using 'contraception' or am I still wtt because of using the 'pull-out method'??
I think the pull-out method constitutes trying to avoid pregnancy (albeit verrrry casually!) so you are probably WTT

I think NTNP is distinct from TTC only by 'intent', so when you are literally doing nothing more than having unprotected sex you are NTNP, but as soon as you start charting, symptom spotting and generally taking steps to assist getting pregnant, you are TTC... does that make sense?

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Okay, thank you! I figured that I was probably wtt because of the pull-out, but I figured I would ask anyways

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I would consider NTNP when you aren't technically TTC but you're just going with the flow, obviously not preventing pregnancy but not really *wanting* pregnancy if you were to actually chart and TTC during your ovulation period. Haha hope that makes sense!

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