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Originally Posted by sb22 View Post
Having parents so near, his or yours, can be a massive intrusion when raising a child. You dont see it until you have kids. Also, how would your parents feel about having a baby in the house? Maybe they've done their 'baby time' and want to be a couple again?

As for

but just the idea of having to worry about paying bills while I'm just trying to enjoy my family is kind of ruining the whole idea for me.
That's life. Seriously. Either learn to stand on your two feet now, or it will be a billion times harder with a baby involved. You cannot expect parents to bail you out. They arent your safety net.

It does sound like you and your boyfriend need to build a life for yourself first before bringing a child into your lives. You're obviously trying to think about things the right way and plan in your head. Your parents sound unhappy you wont be at college so they probably will not like the idea too much - but if you and your boyfriend proove to your family you can stand on your own two feet, I bet you'd have more supprt
I agree with everything sb22 said..

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We had a accidental pregnancy that ended in MC last May. At that point we hadn't moved out and were living with my parents. That put everything into perspective and we moved out in the July. We also moved our wedding forward to this August. I am sooo glad we moved out. Our relationship had gotten stronger and we've grown as a couple. Moving out wasn't as difficult as we'd anticipated either. I think living on your own together can define you as a couple and can make it or break it. Its you two relying on each other. We will be TTC just under a year after we moved out, 1-2 months before the wedding (we will have been together 2 years 8/9 months). I would have tried last year after the MC the way my head was. But i am 1 million times happier that we waited x

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Once you have a baby, you are responsible for the life of a human being - a person who will grow up and live in the world for good or ill. You want to make sure you have lots of experience being responsible for you, if possible. That may mean you're ready now - I'm no expert. Personally, though, I needed to move out then get married and now am going through the home buying process before I started to feel really grown up and like I had my head on straight. We're hopefully going to TTC soon, and the closer it is the more nervous I become as well as excited. Nobody is truly ready, I'm sure. However you want to feel like you've got some contingencies planned. I had a friend who got pregnant at 16. Thankfully she had her parents' full support, because she and her boyfriend broke up and then tragically her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. This little baby will wonderfully depend totally on you and your boyfriend for many years - be ready!

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