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Psychological issues - can i have a c section in the UK?

Hi Everyone!
I really need your help... I'll try to cut the story short, but It's a bit complicated.
I have had a lot of bad things happen in my family related to childbirth, My aunts baby died in labour and my mum suffered terribly and couldnt walk for weeks after my younger brother was born... i could give you a lot of examples..
Since i was a little girl i always believed i will never have a baby mainly due to what i have seen and heard about the labour. For years and years i suffered from nightmares in which im in labour and baby is born dead which made it impossible for me to even think about having a baby. In fact if there is anything on tv related to labour i have to change the channel as i actually feel sick.. its that bad.
Last year i was pregnant (i was on pill but it happened anyway) instantly i decided to have a termination as i was petrified. Since then a lot of things changed.I now regret...
I would really love to have a baby but C-section would be the only option for me. I have been researching and reading about it for years and i know exactly how dangerous a c-section is and how painful the recovery can be.
I cannot afford to go private and my GP said its only possible to have c-section for medical reasons, however i did not explain the situation to him... i feel embarassed as i know that all women go though childbirth so i feel like freak but i really cannot help it.
Does anyone have any idea what i could do or where i could go?
Thank you

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Like your dr said they only do it for medical reasons. I really wouldn't look at a c section as the only way you could have a baby. They really aren't as easy as the media makes out - too posh to push etc. It is major surgery and there is so many risks, and so much extra cost, so you cannot just go and ask for one.
You could though see your Dr about the issues, and they may refer you for concilling who may suggest a CS, but they won't do it cos someone is frightened I wouldn't have thought.

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