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To pill or not to pill, that is the question...

Quick back story; I had a mmc resulting in a D&C in September. My gyno recommended at that time that I go back on birth control to help "regulate" my hormones and cycles. He's mentioned PCOS but I think that's only due to weight and irregular cycles. I waited for a natural cycle, took around 30+ days, before starting the birth control. I've been on it since. Right now our ttc date is a little up in the air due to me losing my job.

I've heard that you can be more fertile right after stopping birth control and if that's true, I don't want to miss that window. I also wonder about my cycle regulating after stopping the pill. The last time that I stopped taking the pill my cycle continued like clock work every 28 days until close to a year then it started moving further out. We actually got pregnant when my cycle was around 33-35 days on average so apparently I was ovulating during that time...

So do I go off the pill hoping for the best that I find a job fairly quickly and we stay on track, original ttc date was in May. Or do I stay on the pill until we have a more definite date in mind?

Sorry that was a longer post than intended but this is driving me crazy as part of me says to hell with it all and we start ttc now (that's the biological clock screaming side of me) and I'm trying to be rational.

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I'm not sure how much help I'll be but I'll give it a go!

I fell pregnant right after coming off the pill, I literally had my withdrawal bleed and then never got another period as I fell pregnant so for me from my own experience coming off the pill and jumping right into ttc was great. It was also what my dr recommended (said that's when I'd be most fertile).

I guess whether you stick to your original plan of ttc in May or whether to hold off a while depends on your personal circumstances. If you were to ttc in may and fell pregnant right away could you cope financially etc without you having a job and potentially being without a job for a while. If you could then I'd say go for it. But if you know you would need your income throughout your pregnancy etc then I'd say wait a while until you have more of an idea on when you might find work.

I hope you come to a decision you're happy with!

Sorry if I wasn't much help!


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You need to think about a few things considering your job... if you did get a job but were already pregnant you wouldnt be entitled to full maternity pay also if you didnt find a job it could add a lot of additional stress regarding money and stability whilst you have the pregnancy and all those changes to deal with as well!

You can always come off the pill and use other methods until you sort out a job? If you really dont want to wait though im sure there are other options if you DID fall pregnant as in Maternity allowance from the goverment?

Just do what you think is best and good luck! xx

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