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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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New Here and Nervous

Hi All!

I was on B&B while pregnant with my first daughter. DH and I are now in the talks of trying in a few months (starting mid-July/August).

DD is turning 1 at the end of the mont and I am already itching so badly for another one. I feel so selfish for wanting another baby already but I can't help it! I am enjoying all my time with my little girl (walking and talking so fast).

There are babies all over my family (SIL has 2 under 2, another SIL has 2 under 2, and two more on the way for my brothers).

I feeling selfish but I can't wait~

Hoping to join you ladies~


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Hi & welcome back!

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hello and welcome i dont think ur selfish at all x

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You're not selfish. You can't control your thoughts and wantings. Welcome back.

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Welcome back! We will also be TTC #2 soon, your not selfish at all its totally natural to want a little brother or sister for your DD

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Hiya and welcome back!

It's not selfish at all wanting to add to your family. I felt broody from about 3 or 4 months after my dd was born!

She's 8 months now and we plan to ttc number 2 in May once she's 10 months old as we'd like 2 under 2. I adore my dd and love spending quality time with her so I know I'll have to share my time between her and another baby but I also know that as she and the new baby grow up together they'll get to have a wonderful close relationship and she'll never have to be lonely.

There's always enough love to go around!


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That's not selfish at all. Wanting a second child after having your first one is normal. It is better to get 2 children in 2 or 3 years than waiting till she's 10, because the age difference will be big then. And it is always good for a child to have a brother or sister.

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