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Originally Posted by Parker_Podge View Post
Originally Posted by Twag View Post
I have a folder on my laptop (work one) of baby things pictures of baby clothes and blankets and nursery furniture and a spreadsheet list of baby items that will be needed in the first year and costs, I am a bit of a spreadsheet freak but then it is what I do for a job lol my OH does not know about this well he does the spreadsheet as I wanted to show him how much it would cost and how it wasn't so bad and a lot of the items we can get 2nd hand from my sisters

I cannot knit or do any of that creative stuff I have the vision just not the talent or patience but my Mum does and she has made some beautiful bedding and blankets for my neices and nephews I just hope we get some when our time comes around
You go chick!! I might get you to send me your spread sheet if you don't mind! I am trying to get one together myself but haven't had quite the time here lately. And I'm sure your mum would LOVE to make you some things for your sweet LO when the time comes
No problems PM me and I will send it over to you

Yeah she will she is chomping at the bit for me to start TTC now lol, not sure why as she will be looking after the LO whilst I am at work lol

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Alrightly, I will!

My mum is pretty much the same, but she can't really make that stuff. Or watch LO while I'm at work BUT they are the same in that she is verrrry ready for us to begin ttc

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