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Finding it hard to talk about.....

So shall try and off load here if thats ok?

I'm scared, I'm really scared, and keep trying to push it out of my mind but it keeps creeping back in, and I struggle to talk about it too, to my husband and family as it worries me too much!

I came off the pill in Aug 2010 after being on it for 6 years. I had a withdrawal bleed and then my first and only proper period in september! 6 months ago!!

I have always been overweight size 16/18, with clear smooth skin, and constant little amount of discharge. (sorry TMI)

but since coming off pill I have put on more weight, my skin is soooo spotty and bumpy, getting worse every week, including going into my hair line and scalp! and my discharge is getting more and more smelly! I am also getting pains in my ovaries area.

I went to doctors last year and had a blood test which came back clear.

I have just managed to be brave enough to make another doctors appointment for tuesday. Which I am terrified about!

I have watched my close friend battle for 2 years before she finnally concieved, and I am sooo scared I will have problems too!!

I know my symptoms are of PCOS, which also worries me!

I am 24. and Its going through my head what if something is wrong and it will take ages for us to concieve, or worse, never will! We are stuck in a mortgaged 1 bed flat in negative equity, so will be a few years yet before we can even try, so I will then be 27/28, what if it takes years after that to concieve!

I just know something is wrong, my body is telling me something is wrong, and i am so so scared.

Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it out!

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I'm sorry. Will keep you in my thoughts

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Hey cupcake! Keep your head up!

I can relate to you about the skin - although I have never really had perfect skin - I always seem to have some sort of imperfection on my face. Is proactive available in England? I swear it has totally changed my skin - I am actually happy with the way it has been looking as of late. I used to use RX acne products but my insurance is not all that great so I tried the Proactive and I am happy that I did...

I also worry (far too often) that it will take me years to conceive as I am soon approaching the age of 31 next month...or that I have something wrong with me that I don't know about yet. I am really anxious to get started because I am sooooo incredibly afraid that I am older that it will take ages.

I wish you the best of luck at your appt and keep us updated on how it went!!

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hope all goes well at the oppointment cupcake, and try not to worry, it might be the stress which is causing some of the problems.

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Hi cupcake,

I'm sorry you're feeling so scared right now but you're certainly welcome to let it all out on here anytime you need to.

I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry and think the worst until you've had your drs appointment. I was on the pill for 12 years and thought it'd take a long time to get pregnant especially seeing as I was 27 by the time we started ttc but it happened right away.

Also a lot of girls are put on the pill specifically to help clear up skin problems so your bad skin could now just be a symptom of coming off the pill and your hormones still adjusting.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you for your appointment.


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i know that it can take a good year for cycles to return to normal after being on the pill, as is the same story for the injection. i myself was on Microgynon then mercilon for 7 years but was lucky that my cycle returned quick...

pcos can mean falling pregnant is slightly tougher but if you are worried you could always go for a consolation? vocalise your concerns to your doctor and get checked out?

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I'm in a similar situation to you, was on the pill for 10 years and decided to come off so I could have a year pill-free before TTC. Well, body went haywire after that. Had three months with no period, then one long one, gained weight, had loads of spots. I now have to go for a PCOS test as my periods have always been weird and I get really hairy!

Try not to worry about it. Lots of women with PCOS DO get pregnant. There are many options out there. You're still young. Yeah, I hate when people say that stuff to me too. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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As the others said its most probably your hormones readjusting themselves after being on the pill for so long. I really wouldnt worry too much, talk to your doctor about your concerns maybe ask for an ultra sound to get your ovaries checked just for reasuarce. I know how horrible it is not knowing what is going on with your body - just try not to worry too much.

I had quite servere PCOS and concieved naturally for my little girl! Good luck xx

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Have a look at this site for reassurance...

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My skin has always been rubbish so I can empathise a little with you there! I'm not sure that the pill would disguise the symptoms of PCOS, but I could be wrong! I would suggest msking sure you drink 2litres of water a day minimum, eat well and get plenty exercise. If there are conception issues this is one of the 1st things Drs will look at, so if you're already doing that, it's one thing you can rule out! I was an 18/20 when I fell pregnant with my dd, and fell within 5 months, so size isn't everything! I am trying to shed some weight so any issues that may arise due to my weight are reduced. Don't be frightened! Listen to what they have to say, as they know what they're talking about! I remember going to my GPs, on the 15th March 09, complaining AF hadn't arrived, my cycles were so erratic! AF arrived the next day and on April 18th 09 I got my BFP!!!

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