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Is anyone wtt for specific months as you want your lo be to born in a specific month?

or am i alone in this? we have decided that we dont really want to ttc before June as we dont want #2 born before April, a couple of reasons
1: i want the gap to be closer to 3 years between 1 and 2
2: i would like #2 to have a birthday between April-September as my bday and my los' is in July and its nice as its summer and we can have parties outside as opposed to my dh's whose bday is in Feb and we can never do that.

Do I sound really selfish??

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not selfish at all, im going to start ttc around october 2012 cause id love a summer baby, mine and OH's birthday are in july and id love our LO to be around then too.
a lot of my family have birthdays near christmas and i find it really hard to buy them two presents cause they only ever ask for 1 thing, and i think that it makes it a lot easier to do special things with a LO when its not so near chrismas (and summer is just lovely for days out for birthdays)

wow i have rambled on a bit there!! sorry

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We are totally in the exact same boat!! Hubby is currently in college so we would really really really like to give birth to the baby during the late spring/early summer (May, June & July) when he is in between semesters and can help out a bit more (no school homework) and would be able to work full time while I am out on my 6/8 weeks of maternity leave. Another reason I have is our medical insurance runs from Aug.1 to July31 so because we have a fairly high yearly deductible to meet I would like all medical bills from the drs, ultrasounds, bloodwork and the actual delievery to be done in one year so it would be less out of pocket for us...

We are going to start TTC in July (which would equal an April birth) but I am figuring it might take a few months to conceive (Hubby thinks 1st month!) so we starting a bit early in hopes of getting that BFP during the months we would like. And I do understand that things don't always go as planned so.... if it happens to take longer oh well.

I never thought of summer outside b-day parties - now I can chalk that up as another reason for a summer baby!!

Hope I don't sound selfish either!

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It isn't selfish at all. When we decided to ttc our first we chose the month we did in the hope of getting a summer baby which we did (July 1st).

We plan on ttc number 2 from May 1st, mainly because we want a close age gap. If I fell pregnant right away like last time we'd end up with a February baby which I'm actually not keen on but for some reason I have a feeling it'll take us a few months next time which hopefully might mean we get pregnant around August time which would give us a May baby (my birthday is in July and oh's in May) so our babies would share birthday months with us!


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I just want to start off by saying WOW, there are alot of July bdays in this thread!! What days?? I am being nosy, I know, but mine is ALSO in July mine is on the 18th

And no, that is not selfish at all! My dh's bday is this month and he is on about the idea of having a on/near his birthday With this in mind we are TTC in June 2012 (maybe earlier??) and if it takes us a couple of months thats fine too!

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Old Mar 8th, 2011, 14:25 PM   6
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We're doing exactly the same as you, right down to the same months! We were going to wait until July but we've decided on June to start trying as my cycles are really long. Our daughter was born in October and we also have both our birthdays, my sister's birthday, my goddaughter's birthday and our best friend's birthday in October, so we def don't want another Autumn baby!

Our next baby being born around April would be perfect as there'd be 2 and a half years between our children then. I'd don't think it's selfish...... just good planning!

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Old Mar 8th, 2011, 14:26 PM   7
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No, i dont think your selfish at all. We thought about this with our dd and we wanted to try and have a February/March baby so i could be off the summer on maternity leave. We conceived the second month of trying and our dd was due the end of February but came 4 weeks early on the 29th January.
We will be ttc #2 in August so we are hoping to have about a 2 1/2 years age gap between baby #1 and #2. If we conceive quite quick again we are hoping for a April/May baby.

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Old Mar 8th, 2011, 14:36 PM   8
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hey, im the opposite to you guys in the sence i would like one in the autum as i feel it would be better for schooling, i always liked being one of the oldest in the year, felt more prepared by the end of school after being 16 already! im an october lady
also like the thought of a LO for christmas/ in mini christmas suits ha ha

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Originally Posted by Parker_Podge View Post
I just want to start off by saying WOW, there are alot of July bdays in this thread!! What days?? I am being nosy, I know, but mine is ALSO in July mine is on the 18th
I was thinking the same!

My birthday is 17th July and Summer's is the 1st (although I was due on 27th June). My family all seem to have July birthdays. My mums is the 18th!


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I want a winter baby, but I wanted to avoid January and February, so were trying in June for hopes of a March baby.

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