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1 bedroom flat

will it be horrid to live in a 1 bedroom flat when our baby is born!

we are TTC in 2 months...cant believe its that soon and now in starting to think...crap am i ready!

our flat isnt small...but is not huge either.

am i mad to think i can bring up a baby?

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Old Mar 8th, 2011, 15:15 PM   2
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Short term it would be fine, but once the little one becomes a toddler - you would probably need more room! It's not just the child that gets bigger - but the toys too!

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I'm in the same situation and we will be moving once the baby gets big enough to need a room of their own. We will have the baby and cot etc in our room for the first while and then we will need to find a new place to rent.

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I agree with the other girls. While the baby is still young enough to be in your room I'd say you'll be fine but I'm thinking it'd be quite difficult once they get older. And I definitley have to agree about The toys getting bigger, my lo is only 8 months old, we have a 3 bed house and our 3rd bedroom is completely full with her toys as well as the things in her own room!

But people manage it so I'm sure you'd be fine. Clever storage and organisation would be the key!


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I'm in the same situation, altho not planning on TTC just yet.

My friend and her hubby did it until her little boy was 2, and the only reason they moved out is because she refused to go back to work and couldn't keep up with the mortgage so had to sell up and move in with her mum!! They seemed to have plently of room and it was a large flat.

I personaly think you adapt, my friend who as one 2 year old in a 3 bed house with her hubby says she is running out of room?! You fill the space you have!

I think you'l be fine, everything has a way of working out.xx

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Old Mar 8th, 2011, 16:38 PM   6
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This is interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Me and my OH are moving in together and can't find any affordable 2 bed places at the mo.

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I think you'll be fine, The baby Will not know were he or she is. My baby just turned one and I just moved him from sleeping in the play pin beside the bed to his crib lol!

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I agree that it would be okay short term, we have a 2 bedroom flat and are moving into a 2/3 bed one in a few weeks, LO still sleeps in our room but we use his room to store a lot of things, think about wether you have enough space to store all of baby's clothes, toys and big things like pram when they're not being used

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My coworker is planning on keeping her 1 bedroom until the baby needs her own room.

I have another coworker who had a 3yr old and a newborn in their 1 bedroom condo...all 4 share a room! yikes! not my ideal, but I can see how they maximized space. It is doable for sure.

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My newly pregnant friend voiced concerns about running out of space in their 2 bedroom house (no previous children involved). I told her "people raise families in huts."

It's all about perspective. We as a society have too much stuff. Did you see the movie Babies? The african babies were having more fun playing with rocks than the Japanese baby was with all her millions of toys around her!!

I myself will be living in my 1 bdrm until my baby is about 2 and will need her own room. As a single mom, I do NOT want to share my room with my child any longer than I need to! I feel like my living space is plenty big enough though even if she got older. I just really believe in separate rooms for sleeping after a certain age.

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