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Implantation Bleeding or am I going crazy??

So I started having regular periods about a year and a half ago. I started to lose weight 2 years ago and have since dropped 114 pounds which allowed me to start having regular periods. I am 23 and have been married for almost 5 years with no pregnancies...yet. My periods...other than a few exceptions have been exactly 34 days apart. So I should have ovualated on 2/28/11. Which would put my period start date at 3/14/11. Well yesterday, 3/8/11 I spotting nothing but old brown blood that stopped after a few hours. At first I thought I was starting my period early but now I'm not so sure. We don't use birth control but we do try to follow the calander and be as careful as it gets for about 4 days around ovulation. I know this isn't the best method as hormones can change up on you and switch your cycle around. We certainly are not trying but would be very happy to have a baby. I also noticed that mid afternoon yesterday I got very hot and my checks turned deep red (hot flash i'm guessing?). I guess my main question is could all this be due to something other than pregnancy. I know the only way to know for sure is to wait it out and take a test but if anyone has ever experienced something like this and not ended up pregnant i'd just like to know what other causes there may be for this type of spotting.

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Hiya hun, didn't want to read and run.

I'm not sure what the bleed could have been besides implantation bleeding, and it sounds as though you do have a fairly good chance of being pregnant.

If I were you I'd wait until you think you should have got your next period and if nothing has shown and you've got no signs of it showing up then I'd definitley take a test. Or you could even try a frer test as they can detect pregnancies up to a week before your period is due so should show up by now if you are!

Good luck and I hope you get the result you want!


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When I get a period (and mine are very irregular) I always get a few days of brown spotting before they start properly. The hot flushes are also a symptom of pms. Nevertheless it could be that you are pregnant as these symptoms could also be a sign of early pregnancy. Take a test in a few days and put your mind at ease.

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apart from using a calendar to check when you ov do you use anything else? if your being careful for 4 days, then there is a risk if you ov'd early or late. a somewhat reliable indicator is cm, do you use that method?
it could be implantation bleeding, but again it could be your period. ive heard of people haveing odd periods, that are unlike their usual ones occasionally.
best thing is to wait a couple more days and see if af starts and if not take a test x