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Old Mar 10th, 2011, 13:54 PM   21
i want it all
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I didn't show until after 20 weeks! My mam bought me maternity clothes for my birthday end of August at 5 months!

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I have huge boobs and I'm a little overweight so I don't think anyone would notice. (I've never been pregnant so I can't say for sure though). Plus I work in a doctor's office and wear scrubs to work so we all look bigger than we are anyway. However all my coworkers know that we will be ttc this summer...

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Old Mar 11th, 2011, 00:39 AM   23
Vanilla Spice
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Thanks guys! As insightful as always!

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Old Mar 11th, 2011, 01:24 AM   24
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In the first 12 weeks it is not a bump, just pregnancy bloating, so you can just honestly say you are bloated if someone asks. Although it is easy to hide the bloating if you want to, floaty dresses in summer or a bigger jumper in winter.

The woman next door did not realise I was pregnant the week before I had DS! Now, I get that I was not huge but I definitely did look pregnant the last 3 weeks!

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