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WTT after first pregnancy ending in MC

I've always known that I wanted 2-3 children. I've always known I wanted at least one child by the age of 25 (I'm 22 now).
I found out 3 weeks ago that I was pregnant, for the first time. And I was so very excited.. Unfortunately yesterday it ended in MC due to being rh-negative.
I would still love to having children some day, but the thought of more MCs scares me to death. I know it has only been a day since I lost my baby angel.

Just curious to hear other's stories in coping with it, and moving past that fear of multiple mcs?

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Welcome sorry bout your loss I too am wtt after a miscarriage that is now just finishing. I already have 2 kiddies so its been a bit easier to deal with. I think I'm a little scared too but the risk is worth it. If th result can be a bubs at th end I'm willing to take the risk with time you will prob want to try again xx

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I am sorry for you loss.

I first got pregnant just after I got married when I was 22 but at the 12 week scan I found out I had had a MMC and then had a D&C. The second time was when I was 23 and it started with mixed results an then finally happened before I got a scan (as the antenatal until would not see me as I was starting to get mixed tests). I could not try for a while after that and had a rough time (became very depressed). I was pregnant with my son when I was 24 (25 when he was born) and it was scary the whole time and I had some pregnancy related heath issues too. I would not have believed this if you told me at the time but it seems so different now because my son is so perfect that I know he is the right baby at the right time. I hope that telling you this helps and gives you something to look forward to.

Good luck.

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Hi hun, I'm so sorry, it's heartbreaking isn't it.

I'm going through the same thing right now... I only found out earlier this week that I was expecting then had a series of BFPs and BFNs before cramping and bleeding this morning. After almost 12 months of trying, I'm devastated.

Miscarriages are scarily common and you are still young. So many women suffer this horrible experience and go on to have a healthy baby. Although like you say 'the fear' can be offputting, you absolutely have every chance of having your 2 - 3 babies.

I am 34 and Type 2 diabetic so I am totally aware that I am at a higher risk of mc but the best thing we can all do when TTC is look after ourselves.... this morning I'm researching conception supplements, vitamins etc. Someone on here told me yesterday that there are certain ones that can thicken the lining of the womb, which will help the little bean stick.

Take some time out for yourself now hun, take it easy, do things you enjoy with your OH and have some relaxing 'me time'. I don't think us humans do enough of that sometimes.

I hope you start to feel better soon.



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