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Really wanting one.

I'm 17 soon to be 18 and my bf is 19 and we both really want a baby. He owns his own car and is paying off a house and earns $950 a week. I own my car and am currently doing my hsc but have a job too.
I really wanted one from ever since I can remember but never mentioned it to the bf incase I freaked him out but he was the one to say he wants one first. What do we do.?

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Well, first off, I think you should sit down & figure up every cost associated with having a LO and double it. This is what you will need to save up, and with it doubled, you will have a little extra just in case an emergency happens or something is more expensive than you previously thought. Second, I would recommend talking to your bf about long-term plans. What are both of your goals/dreams/college/career aspirations? Are they similar? Would having a at an early age deter either of you from doing what you aspire to do/be? Are your ideas for parenting, etc. the same? Third, I would think seriously about whether you are emotionally ready for a Only you and your bf can answer these questions, but remember, there is a LOT to consider/think about when bringing a bundle of joy into the world!

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