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would you have another?

I was only ever going to have my son, but by the time he was 3 I got broody for another - so we now have a 15 month old girl too.

Thing is the older she gets I know I'm going to want another - already kind or do. body doesn't do being pregnant very well. I am a childminder, so wouldn't get maternity leave and would be caring for lots of children whilst pregnant (which I can imagine would be a nightmare) I was tired all the time, very uncomfy and sick lots throughout!

Another factor is that we have a 3 bedroom house, our kids have their own rooms, and the minded children nap in travel cots in their rooms during the day. There isn't the option of moving

I can't see it working can you? I guess I have to hope I get a really young baby to look after to ease my broodiness!

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i want it all
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I can see it working! You're wither gonna have a boy or a girl if you were to have another, so they would just share with there brother or sister. So many people do it, and it's totally normal! Is there anyone you can get to help? My friend is a child minder and her mam helped her out when she got to about 6months as some things were too much. She had to do it all through ofsted etc - not sure of the ins and outs though. Are you not still entitled to maternity allowance or anything like that?

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