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girls....i have been So horrible recently, me and my DH have been fighting constantly, arguing over stupid wee things and i just feel so agitated all the time.

Even if he was nice i would still be agitated and to the point where i want to kill someone, fair enough it might be PMS but i never get this bad.

I was over at my in-laws today and my husbands neice was there, usually i would be all awww but today i was like "who cares its just a baby" attitude on me...she is 9 months old so it does tend to get a bit boring when everyone just stares at her. i am probably jealous but i just feel constantly angry at the world.

sorry need to vent but.............grrr at life!!

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I'm sure everyone feels this way once in a while. Wtt is really tough and the majority of women just have to put a smile on their face and grin and bear it and just wait for their oh to say their ready! You're bound to snap at some point.

Just remember that your time will come and it'll be your little one that everyone is staring at and cooing over.

You're only human and as a woman you have that little clock ticking away that unfortunately you can't switch off. Have a word with your oh and just try explaining that you don't mean to be nasty but you'd really like him to at least just try to understand why it's so frustrating for you.

I'm sure he'll understand.

We're always here whenever you feel like that though! Vent away!


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WSS ^^^ i hope u are feeling better soon, i have times like that too x

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Every MONTH i feel like that!!

wtt is the worst...

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