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Oh just lost my reply I do like the sound of baby been older come summer and me been able have the summer on mat leave but I'm thinking of the long term too which is more important than me been able ne off for the summer lol even though it would be lush.

if I could get it for beginning sept that would be perfect lol nut things don't happen that way do they! Plus if I wad due sept as my periods are at mo it would be mid-end sept I'd be due. Plus there's all the school yr thing aswell then been oldest or youngest etc that's putting me off, but if it wasn't for that sept would be nice for a birthday.

but then aswell I'm thinking what if we left it till Christmas to try and it didn't happen right away we would have missed sept anyway an prob end up having a winter baby!
So is it best to try a few months before. Thats what I thought ttc lo and fell right away! But I know we might not be so lucky next time.

Blimey it's hard work deciding when to ttc! Lol

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I would not want to be heavily pregnant in summer,although winter with the snow is worrying too. It is so hard to decide what is better I think.

DS is 10 months old (born beginning of May) and we plan on TTC at about January 2013. So for us the gap would be around 3 1/2 year gap I guess.

I think it is all a personal thing though.

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