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Originally Posted by buttons1 View Post
Originally Posted by Pit Bull Mom View Post
Have your OH agree to a compromise. Ask him to hold off watching, talking about, or listening to his favorite sport until he's ready to try and has actually knocked you up... Two missed seasons at BEST and you've got this
See, men don't think as much into things as we do, their job (biologically, it's not their fault) is to drop their seed, reset, and drop their seed again, over and over and over. OUR job is to create, nurture, feed, change, and raise. OF COURSE we're like a different species & we can hardly communicate! lol
Try that, and if nothing, ask one of your male friends or your father, uncle, grandfather to help you understand what he's saying better. You might be able to get another man he trusts to wiggle the goodness of babies into his head
Sorry but I really disagree with your post. I don't think having a baby should be about playing games so I don't think asking them to miss out on something they enjoy is the right way to go about persuading him. Yes I see your point in that biologically all you need from them is the initial seed however it certainly doesn't end there we are in the 21st century here dads like to be more involved and are just as important in nurturing and caring for a child so I think hard as it is both parties need to be 100% ready for it and committed to looking after a child for the next 18 years. Yes men probably don't think things through as much as women but neither are they just involved in the conception, they have feelings and opinions which should be respected and listened to and really shouldn't feel presured into something as big as this.

Hope this doesn't offend it's just my opinion
I agree I dont think that I would feel comfortable in kind of bribing my OH, it just wouldnt be right. With our 1st we were both 100% ready and I want it to be the same for the next. I think I would feel guilty for the rest of my life for forcing him! I just have come to the conclusion that I will have to wait maybe for longer than I would like. But we did compromise and we are talking about it again in May! So fingers crossed lol

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Sorry to piss you off, wow, my goodness lol
I was joking, the last part of my post was more on the serious note, having other men talk to him. He might open up as to why he's not ready yet easier to them...

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