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So pissed off/ upset for OH

Hi, i just need to have a rant because i know in reality there is nothing i can do.

my OH and i are in our final year of university and so are applying for jobs.

My OH applied for a job at a large company (i'm not sure if i'm allowed to name them), and at first they lost his application. He chases them up and befriended a guy in the company who also helped to chase them up and in the end he got invited to an interview.

the interviewer loved him, and gave really good feedback to the HR team saying he had outstanding knowledge of the company and his technical skills were better than the applicants who had done masters. So of course he got invited to the second round interviews which was a lot like an assessment centre i.e group activity, technical interview ect.

anyway, again he really impresses all the people who he speaks to, and again they give HR fantastic feedback saying that they want to hire him because his knowledge of the company is better than the other candidates and so are his technical skills. However they were not extending him an offer because the manager of the team he applied for had stopped them and requested to interview him herself before any offer was made.

so he goes to the interview with this lady, and came home very upset, apparently he got the impression that she hated him before he even got in the room and was very aggressive in the way she spoke with him (and believe me i takes A LOT to upset my OH). She made out that there was no way he could be qualified over the other candidates because he only had a maths degree from cambridge, and they had masters in finance (it was a job working with LDI's) and so she wanted to give him a technical interview. So she asks him lots of technical questions and he answers every single question correctly (we found out from the HR that he did).

he comes home quite upset about the way he was treated by this lady and then a couple of days later gets a phone call saying sorry they are not offering him a job. He asked for feedback and what he got was that every other interviewer had loved him and wanted to hire him, but that this lady said no because she 'didn't believe he really wanted to work for the company' and that because she was senior that that was that. No other reason was given.

i should explain at this point that this woman is quite high up in the woman in banking and finance organisation, and made reference in his interview to him being put up over women who had masters degrees in finace.

we have now found out that one of the women who was at the interview, but was not deemed to be technically competent by any other interviewers has been called back to another technical interview because the manager woman wants to see if she'll be capable of doing the job.

i feel and my OH feels as though he has been passed over for this job, despite being proven to being more technically competant and knowing more about the company, simply because he is not a woman, and that this woman did indeed make up her mind before he even went into the interview with her.

either that or this woman must have done something amazing to show her motivation because apparently chasing an application for 3 months, befriending people in the company and learning everything about the company is not enough.

i know there is nothing that we can do, because at the end of the day they can give whatever reason they want to not hire someone. i just feel so sorry for my OH, he worked really hard to impress them, and really really wanted the job.

cake and tea to anyone who got this far

i don't know what i'm expecting from this post really, i'm just so angry and upset for him.


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Wow, I'm not really sure what to say but that's just awful. I can totally understand why you and your oh are so upset. I know I would feel exactly the same.

I think it's terrible to waste someones time like that. It seems like this lady had in her mind all the tine she wanted to hire a female. If she knew that then it's very unfair to string other candidates along.

I'm sure others on here might be able to offer you some kind of advice but have you looked into whether there is anyway at all you can somehow appeal the decision. It seems as though they really haven't given a good enough reason and HR must have it on record how well your oh did and how he impressed everyone except this woman!

I really hope something even better turns up for your oh.


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Hey, sorry to hear all your other half has gone through.

I don't mean this in a nasty way, but I found it all kind of ironic as this is exactly the sort of story you'd expect to hear from a woman interviewing in the finance world...and I wonder if that is one of the reasons he was put through this by a woman in a senior position.

I know it's no consollation now, but I've have a very pragmatic way of thinking about jobs and interviews... (wish I could extend the thought process to my personal life and wanting babies!)....

Firstly, if they are going to treat your OH like that, does he really want to work for a company and even more so a boss who is willing to treat someone like that. No matter how good the company and how good it looks on his CV- doesn't sound like a great way to kick off your career after studying so hard. If he got the job, who knows how far this type of attitude would extend...

Secondly, I really believe in fate when it comes to interviews- the concept of "there'll be a better job for him round the corner". I really do believe this, and only really generally believe it when it comes to job interviews (I don't know why!). Perhaps he'll go find himself a job in a firm which is equally as good, but where they respect their people. Perhaps he'll start off in a smaller firm, but this will give him more opportunities...

The whole job/interview thing is a tough thing- I know- I've had heaps of experience with it- from being spoilt for choice with job offers, to being overqualified for any job I want, to being unemployable (and on the dole for a few weeks) despite my PhD because I don't have hands on experience... but it all works out in the just don't know what's round the corner.

Be there for your OH, but don't let him dwell on this one experience and put him in a bad frame of mind for his future interviews. Take strength from it, and tell him to go out there and show this stupid b***h what she's missing out on!


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thank you both for you replys, and anniepie your right, i can't imagine it would be nice to work under some like that, they would probably make his life hell.

they do have all the comments by the other interviewers on record, but because this woman is the head of this dept she has final say. And while all the other interviews were with two people, hers was just the two of them so we can't prove that she said anything wrong anyway.

i hope your right and something better comes along. until then i better get baking him an angry bird cake to cheer him up. its just soo hard seeing him so deflated, he genuinly wanted this job more than any other.

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I work in Finance and unfortunately for some reason a lot of women at the top feel the need to throw their weight around and basically be a complete b1tch to be able to compete at the top in what is really a man's world! I have worked under them and they are not nice and make your life hell whether your a woman or a man, my OH who is also a Qualified Accountant has worked under woman like this and they have destroyed his confidence!

I know it might not seem like it now but I believe this was the best for your OH and something will be just around the corner for him that will be perfect

Don't let your OH get too downhearted about this as it is no reflection on him at all and at the end of the day it is their loss not his

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That's awful treatment. I felt like that at one of my Uni interviews. They said I wasn't a 'people' person...

Maybe she didn't like him because he was better than her??

In all seriousness, I'm sorry for your OH. It sounds like he deserved this job.
Good luck for the next one xx

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wow! thats so awful so sorry for ur OH

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Sorry to hear this, I had that experience at a job that was looking for a tutor at a local school.

Thing is one of the interviewers I worked with years ago and the deputy prinicpal was all nice etc. I told them I was doing a distance university course and that I had worked at two other locations. I didn't have the references as one supervisor had passed away and the other had retired and I couldn't get her personal infomation from the office.

I stated it in the interview why I didn't have any good enough references.

Got told I didn't get the job and the interviewer asked in disbelief why I gave him personal references. Like WTF. I told him why I didn't have good enough references. Then he went on to say and I quote:

"The person who got the job she had very excellent references in this field and I think next time you apply for a job you should try to get as good references."

All I could think of was "Yeah, the person who got the job had the job last year and her contract ran out." How I know is that the job is advertised every year, plus the person I used to work with told me that she is knows the woman who got it always gets it and that they just renew the position for funding and have to place to job in the paper.

Hope your OH gets a job that he deserves

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pissed , upset

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