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Originally Posted by fairy1984 View Post
i'd say that the cost of bits for a baby can be an cheap or expensive as you make it depending on if you're happy with second hand, budget range or luxury range.
I can not agree with this more. Also it really depends on your parenting style (FF/BF, co-sleep/cot, sling/pushchair, cloth nappies/disposables....ect.) as to how much things cost too. It can actually be affordable to have a baby. We buy a lot for our son and his Grandma's/Great-Gran spoil him too so he has so much but we are not exactly rich so it can not be that hard to afford a baby! He literately has more clothes than we can get though. I guess it depends on childcare too, DH works night shifts but looks after him while I am at Uni in the day so I guess that helps us with costs and we are looking into home-schooling so we would follow something like this when I am back in full-time work, but I guess if one person is quitting a job or needs to pay for childcare that would up the cost a lot.

I would look at the post that OddSocks made, I think it turned into quite a helpful thread.

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