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I think its perfectly natural to have these fears before number 2 is born but as soon as they are they seem like silly pointless fears and im sure its a case of "how could I possibly of ever have thought that way"

My fear is actualy the complete oppesite, if I have a girl next time im terrified that family members may love her more, I know everyone in both sides of the family realy would love a little baby girl to coo over and dont get me wrong they all completly worship and adore LO but im worried they may get too carried away with things like buying cute little dresses and fussing over her and then Brian may get left out a little.
Im pretty sure it would never happen but that doesnt mean the fears vanish

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this is my first post here. We are thinking about trying for baby #2 and this crossed my mind too. I love my little girl soooo much but the love in your heart grows and you would love baby #2 just as much as baby #1 The more babies the more love!

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