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we've been really good friends for ages we met at school and everything over the last two months things just kinda fell into place.
i had already set a date ttc and was gunna do it single and he knew that, I was planning to start ttc dec/jan but now were waiting til april next year. i was worried as i seriosly thought that id have to set the date back by ages, but i think hes just as broody as me, haha.
i think were still in the honeymoon period at the moment. even though we have set a ttc date were not taking it too fast. were not gunna do anything were not ready for.

we were thinking of her moving in with me at around the 6/7 month mark, does that sound alright?? would love to hear opinions, i get squiggly thinking of this time next year. tehe.

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6 months doesnt sound like its rushing in to me... me and my DH moved in after 6 months of dating and look at us now! Married for over a year. When its right, you just know it.

So glad that youre not having to think about a family alone!

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