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Old Mar 19th, 2011, 19:36 PM   11
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Nope, but then I didnt have many plans, and I think having an unplanned pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage, all I wanted was another baby.

I was at uni before the miscarriage, so I wish I had carried on and finished, so that I would have a career to fall back on. I also would have loved to have done a tour of China, but I knew that we could have never afforded it.

Bigger dreams were to be married and own a house, as I passed my driving at 18yrs old.

We were engaged, with a date set for marriagewhen we got pregnant both times, so we have just done it round the wrong way really. Owning a home came second, after marriage. This is still a dream for us, and we are pursuing it, it will just take longer with children, but one day we WILL own our own house.

We have never been people who like going out partying/getting drunk. We much prefer watching films, playing board games (how boring do we sound) going out in the day to animal places or to the seaside, all of which we still can with children.

I think having a family and being a mum is what I have really wanted. We are all happy, so I knew we have made the right decisions for us.

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Alot of the things I'd like to do like travel more we probably wouldn't do in the next few years anyway as we'd need extended time off work and to save more. We looked at doing Nepal as our last big holiday before being responsible but it worked out really pricey and dangerous.

I have the education job and married which is the basics for me. I'd like a few more years to get on in work, but getting too broody now, and don't want to leave it too long. I'm an old lady anyway lol, I like going for walks and spending time with family. I enjoy nights out but have never been that wild, so am lucky that I wouldn't really miss that side of things.

Basically there are lots of things, but having kids might not be the reason we don't do them.

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Well we are married and my jobs Ok, by the time we TRC should be in a house too.

So the only real thing I won't do in time is more travelling. But although I want to travel, it's not as important as having kids to me and I can do it later when they are much older!!


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Old Mar 21st, 2011, 10:53 AM   14
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I honestly think i'm there... I got my degree and had lots of fun at uni. I've lived and gone on holiday with friends. I have a great job, lovely home, got married, and seen a fair chunk of the world with my husband.

Sure i'd love to have travelled more but the world is so big that there's always going to be somewhere else i'd love to see. The way I see it, we can pick up where we left off in our 50's and while we have kids we'll concentrate on seeing the UK and Europe with them.

I'd also like a bigger house and more savings but I think i'll just settle for a nice average house and enough savings for a rainy day.

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Old Mar 21st, 2011, 11:06 AM   15
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To be honest we are there we are only WTT as I have to finish my exams first according to my OH

We are married, have a house, have good jobs, OH has travelled, we have been on holiday together etc etc next step for us is the journey of parenthood and I can't wait!

I am 31 in April and OH is 33 in April and we have done all the other stuff that you do when you are younger

Granted we would like to travel around New Zealand but even if we don't have children there is no way we could take that time out of work, so it will be something we will do when we are older and there will always be the wish we had more savings, wish we had a bigger house but they are things that we can still have either way

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Old Mar 21st, 2011, 11:53 AM   16
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This is kinda something OH and I were talking about at the weekend...appart from the obvious things like sleepless nights, loads of extra stuff around the house, less money etc etc, I don't think having a baby is going to change our life a great deal- it will just enhance it. Everything we do, and everything we plan to do, we can do so with a child. We spend most of our year around the house doing homely things- be it working on the house, in the garden, playing board games etc etc... We don't go for wild nights out (we hardly go out at all!), we don't go away a lot, and when we do, it would be child friendly (generally visiting family). Our holiday last year, and one this year (we're treating ourselves to 2 hols this year!) is a camping trip in the UK, and I can't WAIT to do that with a little one! Our tent is even a large family size one OH insisted on getting last year for our future!

We have both been through uni (me through to postdoctoral level), we own a house, a family size car, I've trained again for a career that I'll enjoy and will actually be child friendly too. I've 'done' the travel thing and actually decided it wasn't for me (I'd prefer to go to a place, see it, come home, then go somewhere else another time- I miss home and routine too much!) We live in a family friendly area of surrey with good schools...we've got the 2 cats...all we need now is the 2.4 children to go with it all!!

The only thing I would say I wanted before having kids is the ring on my finger, but even that is getting less important to me now I'm 32 and I hear the tick tick tick...

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Old Mar 21st, 2011, 16:32 PM   17
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We've just bought a house, only thing left is to get married in 15 months and earn more money

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Old Mar 21st, 2011, 17:39 PM   18
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Originally Posted by Kathleen View Post
What about travelling while TTC??? Is that a rubbisg idea?
Not at all! My DD was conceived in New Jersey on a trip and it was one of the most wonderful times ive ever had. Now i have my little girl to show for it too which makes it even better.

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