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Old Mar 20th, 2011, 09:25 AM   11
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Your families should keep their noses out of it. Do what you and your OH are happy with. It's your decision and not theirs. You sound right sensible to me and I think you sound ready.

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Old Mar 20th, 2011, 13:45 PM   12
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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All of this advice and words of encouragement have really blessed me. Thank you all so much. I totally agree that my husband is my family now and this decision should be between he and I alone. They will not be the ones raising the child or having to support him or her. I am so happy that I decided to post this b/c it's been on my heart and I needed to get it off.

I forgot to add that my sister makes everything worst... she is 7 years older than me, but has done everything pretty much behind me. She met a man and quickly married (im guessing to beat me to it) and got pregnant a month later (im guessing to beat me to that as well). Well, ever since the first day of her pregnancy she's been telling me that I BETTER not get pregnant while she is pregnant or until after her baby is one. At first, I thought it was a silly joke, but she would constantly tell me. Even on my wedding day, she said that just b/c I am married doesn't mean I have to have a child right away (sounds pretty hypocritical, right??)... to this day she asks me when i'm planning to have children and that i just need to wait... She ask if keeping her daughter for the past three weeks has made me change my mind... I was like "NOPE! So, get over it!" Geeezzzz. I am just happy that I have the support of my husband and you all! I also think that his family would be more supportive as well. I am sure that my family would come around once I actually have the baby, but I want the whole process (conception through pregnancy through birth) to be a pleasing one. No added stress b/c pregnancy and having a newborn can be stressful enough!

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Old Mar 20th, 2011, 14:29 PM   13
i want it all
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Do what you think is right, and ignore the others! It's your life! Not theres! Our parents have had their children, and now it's up to you to decide what you want to do!

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Old Mar 20th, 2011, 14:33 PM   14
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next time someone tells you you need to wait or asks what the hurry is i would reply with "did you let anyone dictate to you when you could or could not have kids? no? then butt out!"

as for your sister - if she tells you to wait say that you are planning on having 6 back to back and she better not get pregnany while you are or untill your youngest child is 2!

its no ones life but your and dh's. you are both grown adults and know what is best for you both.

good luck with TTCing!

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Old Mar 20th, 2011, 14:34 PM   15
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In all honesty, you're both grown-ups, you're married, your husband has a good job and you sound like you're both sensible enough and have really thought about the practicalities of having a child, so I wouldn't worry about what your families think. I mean they're probably correct that commuting an hour wouldn't be easy when pregnant, but you won't be the first nor the last woman to having to commute whilst pregnant.

It should be yours and your husband's decision alone. I don't mean to offend when I say this, but you're both adults and you don't need your parents' permission to try for a baby

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Old Mar 20th, 2011, 19:25 PM   16
Mum (Mom)
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I agree with all these ladies- and hey- you guys are already having sex did you need permission to do that? No- so don't pay attention to any negativity anyone has to say about you wanting to TTC.

As far as your sister goes, it sounds like she still has a slight case of what I like to call "only child syndrome" where the person thinks they can get what they want whenever they want and how they want it because no one has ever led them to believe different (my OH's son is like that- you should hear him...believe me, I love him, but he's a brat). Do what YOU want- not what she wants.

Plus- isn't more fun when you do what people don't WANT you to do? I always enjoyed you know how many times my OH's family and baby mama tried to break us apart? You aren't married to anyone but your OH and THAT'S whose opinion matters.

Lots of baby dust!

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Old Mar 21st, 2011, 07:09 AM   17
Mum (Mom)
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I defo agree with everyone else - it is entirely up to you and this is your family that you're building.

Go for it!!


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Old Mar 22nd, 2011, 11:37 AM   18
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I wouldnt listen to anyone! Everyone is always going to have an opinion on things, take it with a pinch of salt, smile and move on



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