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Originally Posted by Freakycactus View Post
I'm lucky, my OH is broodier than I am, which is saying a lot because I ache, physically ache, because I want to be a mum. I've wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember and the idea that I couldn't was just beyond words, becoming a mum is one of the most natural things on this earth and the idea that I couldn't hurt.
yeah its that hurting in my heart that i hate the most, i just cant explain it to him, i think he tries to understand but its difficult x

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I keep trying to think of an analogy you could use, I'll let you know if I come up with something!

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i want it all
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I completely disagree with mrsraggle! Not in an argumentative way or anything, but knowing the joy that babies bring, not only to the parents, but to the aunties, uncles, grandparents, counsins........ everyone who will be involved in the babies life, makes me want it more! My dd is almost 15 months now, and her personality is really shining through now, and I feel I NEED to give her siblings to see her reach her full potential!

Having a child has not reduced the broodiness in me at all! Ha ha! I want more!

As for explaining to OH, I have no advice at all. Me & my hubby have always wanted the same things in life, so I knew it would happen. Just like it will happen to you too. You just have to be patient! Maybe when friends have babies, include your OH in the visit and the cuddles etc, and when he's holding/playing with the LO, tell him how good he is at it. I think alot of men think they'll be rubbish at it, or think they can't do it, so maybe a few prods in the right direction will do the trick! It might still take a while, but the better you make him feel about it, the sooner he might feel ready!

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