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My little boy's birthday is 30th Dec.

We initially said the same, we didn't really like the idea of a xmas baby but, as someone else said, didn't stop ttc'ing in March.

We deliberately made his birthday about him not xmas, took all the cards down and put birthday stuff up.
Also said, if anyone says "this is a joint bday and xmas present" we'd insist it was for one not the other (don't mind if they buy him gifts or not) - luckily no-one did.

We're actually going to buy him an easter present, as we ran out of ideas for a 1yr old on his birthday that weren't summer things. When he's older we're going to give him the option of having a small present on his birthday and his main celebration/gifts on his hlaf birthday in June.

My due date was 20th Dec and he was born 30th and yes, I did have my legs crossed on xmas day lol.

I don't think it's selfish or otherwise to want to have some say over when your baby's birthday is, just remember only 5% of babies come on their due date so you could end up with a xmas baby even if your due date is January.

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I hate the idea of a Christmas baby, but I'm not a fan of's always a complete nightmare for me- my folks split up on Christmas day about 10 years ago (chirst, was it that long??), and ever since it has be a logistical nightmare, with the parents acting like kids and the constant battle of who to go to... And now obviously we also have the OH's folks to take into account too! I think having the first precious grandchild with a birthday then will just make things 100 times worse!

However, if I ever get a TTC date, and we're still trying around March, I'm not sure I'd stop for the month just to prevent having a xmas baby!!

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My birthday is 17th December and i have hated it when i was little because i always had the one present, or birthday forgotten or something which meant i had to share my birthday with christmas. I was a nice surprise for my parents when they found out my mother was expecting me at 5 months as she miscarried my twin.
Now im older its has helped me realise who the important people are to me because they make the effort and care. Now my birthdays are me, hubby to be a chinese restaurant and a snuggle night in front of the TV.
However its my 30th this year and hubby to be turned round to me last night and said "you dont expect a party this year do you?!?!?!?!" Charming!!!

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