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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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7 months..... That is way to far away

Sorry ladies

I'm full of rants at the moment. I have just Been diagnosed with PCOS and I'm dealing with the whole diagnoses, my local has given me a refferal to a gynecologist who is now telling me that I cannot get in for 7 months.... Is this the normal wait?? I am new to all of the appointments and to be honest never really saw a doc much before all this took off.

I feel really silly I am crying at the drop of a hat for no reason and starting to get really worried that when we go to TTC we are going to have trouble doing so???

We are leaving TTC for about another 12 months as I would like to shed a little weight before we try...

How long have u had to wait to see a gynecologist and any success stories or advice from ppl with PCOS would be great.

Thanks guys

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There may be a cancellation, you never know

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