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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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they will probably give u a mild sedative which will make you sorta sleepy and calm and it will all just feel like a dream. perhaps you could read some books on controlling panic, and practise some relaxation techniques before hand?

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Hi Hun,

I am sorry you had such a tough time, I know you are in Germany so it maybe different from the uk. My dad had to have a MRI scan about 2 years ago, for chronic back pain, the first one had done on the NHS, he couldn't cope with it and he pressed the panic button. The second one he had to pay for to be done privately, but it was sooo much better. he had diazepam (sp) first and my aunt actually went in the room with him, she had to take all her jewellery off (even her wedding ring which she had never taken off) and had to wear some overall type thing to protect her, and had to sign a consent form the same as my dad, and they were singing nursery rhymes to take his mind off what was happening I don't know if Its an option over where you are but both things definitely helped my dad. Good luck hun xxxx

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Hey Aprilshowers I had this done when I was about 17 and it was horiffic the whole experience and ever since then I have been claustophobic small spaces really make me panic including Lifts and even surrounded by people at a concert! it is the feeling of not being able to get out

big hugs to you, I hope that next time you get sedated so that you can get sorted but I know before hand you will be panicking just try and keep your mind focused on the thought that this is all helping you along your way to getting your LO and hopefully that will help


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