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Were TTC now waiting to??? anyone else?

Hi my name is Aimee, I am new to this section and originally joined in the TTC section. But have ended up here! We have a 21 Month old little girl, Olivia and in January decided we wanted to try for number 2. We had a miscarriage before our daughter, and had one when she was around 12 months old, with a suprise pregnancy! We started TTC in Jan, no luck, February the same. Our last cycle has just finished and ended in BFN and late period. We really thought it was our month but i think it shocked me on how i felt, i felt so nervous, like i was making a mistake. I am gutted that we didnt conceive, but have decided to take a break. Mainly because i feel that now having the insight that i could have been pregnant made me realise how grown up my little girl is but how much she is still my baby too....and i want some more of that. I had a cesarean birth and she was born 3 weeks early due to an ectopic beat that was found on her heart beat (thankfully nothing wrong when she arrived) I felt like a failure when she was born and i hit myself hard with it. I would go through the motions of dressing her, washing her, cuddling her, loving her etc but always had the nagging feeling of a natural birth, this led to me finding it difficult to bond with her and took a long time to get over. I am now understanding that it was out of my hands etc and have moved on. We have now made the decision to put off TTC, for say 6 months. I'm not going on the pill or anything but have said that we are not "actively" trying just if it happens it does, if not we'll start TTC in time, if you get me. I know how getting caught up in tests and dpo is and really am not ready for that yet. Just wondering anyone else out there going through the same thing?

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