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Well, I wanted a homebirth but then it became clear I would be on consultant care and in hospital and either way DH was to be there but he said he would not be able to handle an emergency c-section. But I neeeded a planned c-section due to health issues in pregnancy and breach position (they could not try and turn him and there was no point with the other issues) and my husband decided to be there. I really do not want a c-section next time at all and once again either way DH would be there. I do not really care if he is there or not to be honest, it is not like it is any help but he would want to be again. If I had some of the same issues next time and had to have a c-section I would be open to my mum or MIL there if they let two people in (I think it is just one in surgery though) I guess.

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My mom & DH have been with me every time. My awesome sister in law keeps my kiddos!

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