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i want it all
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I totally with Lori! I can't believe you think it's ok to have a baby with someone you're already thinking of dumping! You're only 22 - you easily have 15 years of child baring ahead of you, so if your relationship is failing don't bring a child into it! Why not seperate, get divorced, and look fomr soneone else. Someone who wants to be a dad, and is prepared to give as much to your child as you do. I don't th ink families NEED a mam and dad, I think you're right that a stable home is more imprtant, but, you live with your parents, you don't have a job, and you won't have a partner. What is stable about that set up? Please thnk about it. Babies are not easy, and it gets harder in some ways and easier in some ways! I have a very hands on partner, and I still struggle sometimes.

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I see where you are coming from that a child can be happy with just one happy parent instead of two unhappy parents but why bring a child into the world knowing its going to be just one happy parent...? You are automatically putting your child in the fatherless category. I really don't think that is fair with say 15-18 years of head of you that you can find someone and be happy. You sound like you are suffering from depression with the way you are saying you do not think you will ever find anybody. It is a VERY small fraction of people who never find someone who they love and spend the rest of there life with. I also think you owe it to your husband who is fighting for your and your countries freedom to let him know that you are planning on leaving him. I understand you wanting a baby but you are not in a position to do that if you are planning to lie to your husband just to have a kid with him and then leave. I am sorry that that may sound harsh but it is just my personal opinion. Also you knew going into the marriage he was military. It does not seem that he is going to be career military if he is talking about moving. For all you know he could give up his dream of OZ after years of dedicating his life to the service just to be with you cause he loves you. It might have been his choice to join but it was also your choice to join being a military wife. There are lots of things you should have talked and thought about before getting married. Plus if he is planning on getting out maybe you would realize you would be happy where ever he is as long as you are spending time together. If hes not career military it wont always just be a couple days a month. And another thing count yourself lucky to see him that much.... (not being mean but that is a wonderful thing you have there.)

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Thanks for your responses guys I guess I was letting my heart rule my head!

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