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Being Overweight

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all ok. What a wonderful forum! I just have a question. I have lost three and half stone so far to get pregnant. Started with a BMI of 49 how it's about 41. I don't plan to start trying for around another 3 months or so so will get my BMI below 40 and close to 35 by then. My question is I have been overweight most of my adult life (am 33) and luckily I have not had any issues other than being tired - regular periods, no hight BP or anything. So if I did get pregnant (whilst still being about 5 stone overweight) am I likely to get things like pre eclampsia and gestational diabetes if my body has been used (for the last 5 years) to carrying around an extra 5 stone. Although overweight I am very healthy. my weight is due to binge eating which I have completely stopped doing now and I have always since i was little loved my fruit and veg and eaten lots of it. I am also a typical pear shape all my weight is carried round my hips and bum. I have tops in a size 14/16 but then my bottoms are like at 26 so a big difference - will the fact that I have a fairly flat tummy be a factor - i know these risks are all small but i'm so consicous of my weight being a factor and I want people to see that I'm pregnant and not just a chunky monkey :-). I had set a goal of september to start trying but I just can't wait any longer.
Bex x

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My BMI was 41 when i got pregnant and i dident get anything apart from SPD but thats not weight related

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I got PE but skinny people get it too! I also had a c section, but that after 38 hours of back to back and induced labour! The stats show induced labours are at a higher risk of ending in caesarian. My BMI was about 37.

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I was talking to my gynae about loosing weight and she said to just go for it and then loose the weight plus baby weight after the baby is born. It seems like if you are healthy then the extra weight doesn't matter.

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the main contributing factor to gestational diabetes is the way you eat during pregnancy, so too many high gi foods, raising blood sugar. but yes weight is a factor in the disease too.
i used to be aa binge eater too and it took me a lot to stop myself. i knew when i started wtt that i needed to lose weight. not only cos i am self concious, but the less weight you carry the less stress on your body.
id keepp up the great work losing weight, but also do some core mucle workouts. although im a way of my goal weight and still have a massive jelly belly And hips, i can feel my core muscles working and my posture is great. also working those muscles will burn more energy.
if you ever wanna chat, pm me. =)

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My BMI was in the low-mid 40s when I got pregnant first month trying with my LO and I had SPD and really bad morning sickness but nothing else. Baby born on due date and was healthy; I was healthy and well before, during and after labour (although my waters went and my labour spanned three days!). Birth was straightforward with no tears or grazes and no assistance needed. Baby was average size of 7lbs5oz.

Make sure you are as fit and healthy as you can possibly be, keep dropping the pounds regardless of the fact you are TTC and once you have conceived you will be in the best possible position to have a healthy pregnancy. That is how I approached the last pregnancy and that is how I am approaching the next one. I am lighter now than I was then but want to lose more to get as close to a 35 BMI as I can and am concentrating on keeping healthy and fit, drinking lots of water, eating healthily, getting exercise and taking folic acid.

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