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Oh hun, I'm sorry to hear your news...It's best to do it as your guys says though otherwise you may set yourself back further. I had a friend who was on strong meds for bipolar, and it would have been disasterous if she'd got pregnant while on them due to development issues of the foetus. She was really irresponsible with it all. She wanted to try for baby #3. First she ignored her psych and just came off them, cold turkey with disasterous effects (ended up flipping and getting a knife out to her DH at a party!). She then went back on them and fell pregnant (cos she wasn't careful) and miscarried. She then did come off them slowly, and fell pregnant fairly quickly... and now has her 3rd LO.

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Aw hun I know it is hard but he knows his stuff and it is better in the long run to make sure you come off them properly those months will fly by I mean it is April nearly already so August/September will be here in no time plus you have some holidays to look forward too as well

Maybe making some tickers for your holidays and your TTC date will help with the waiting? so you can see the days counting down I know mine have

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Sorry Aprilshowers. That's a bit of a set back but I'm certain your doc is just keen to make sure you are 100% in the right place before you start ttc... I know it doesn't seem like it just now but the time will pass quickly...

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