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WTT But everyone thinks im mad :(

My LO is 4 months on monday and i want to TTC when he is around 6 months, everyone says im stupid and won't cope. Anyone have any experience of having 2 under 2?

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Well i dont have experiences of 2 under 2 yet. But i did have an accident and conceived when kacey was 6 month old. Pregnancy has been quite tough. Kacey although generally a good sleeper is going through a stage of being unsettled so im feeling very tired now. But i wouldnt say it was harder than working and being pregnant. Im a little worried but i no i will cope. the 1st 6 months are gonna be an adventure i think. But just think how close they will be. I would di whgat you want. If you wait then people will say that a big age gap. you cant please everyone

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I have no expirience but i was the same as you hun. I really wanted to start TTC when LO was 6 months and hubby was more than willing but has now decided no. So am having to wait now

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I am WTT#1 but I don't think your mad if that is what you want then it is none of anyone elses business I say! Only you will know if you can cope or not, women with twins cope so I don't see a problem with it

Good luck x

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My mum had 2 under 2 (only for a few months) with me and my sister and she used to say how hard it was, but as we got older it does become easier and the close age means they can entertain each other

If you want to TTC number 2 then go for it! Life is too short to worry about what others think


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If it's what you want then I say go for it. Other people tend to have an opinion on everything so chances are if you waited to please them they'd still find something to pick at!

I also want a very close age gap. We'll be ttc number 2 in May when Summer turns 10 months old. I'd have tried at 6 months if I hadn't had an emergency c section. I was told I only needed to wait 6 months but felt safer waiting that little bit longer.

I'm really looking forward to the close age gap and potentially for afew months having 2 under 2. Just think how great it will be as they grow up so close together. Plus I know a lot of people that say it was ten times easier dealing with another baby while you're still in the baby stage. I have friends that have done it both ways and had close age gaps and big age gaps and generally the opinion is closer is easier.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I'm sure there will be tough times but you know already just how worth while it'll all be!


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I think I'm the only one who thinks you should wait, but as someone else said life is too short, do what makes you happy

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me and my brother are 11 months apart and its wonderful!!! we are so close and it was great having someone the same age to understand when growing up!!

im planning on doing the same, ignore everyone else and do what you want sweety!!!!!!


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I have 2 under 2. And it is actually a piece of cake. I conceived #2 when DS was 10 mths old. My DD is now 4 mths and DS is now 23 mths. The first month was challenging due to the fact you have a newborn again. But things soon settle into a routine and life is great! I wouldn't have it any other way. I wanted to try and conceive sooner but it took a few months. And I "think" we might try for #3 when DD is around 8-10 mths again. I love this age difference, they adore each other!! Good luck to those TCC & WTT.

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There are positives to waiting a little longer.. You can fully enjoy all the aspects of your little one's first year. Crawling, maybe walking and talking?'
Once your LO becomes mobile you'll be busy, and possibly pregnant?

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