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Was having a conversation with OH earlier and the topic of sex came up. I jokingly said to him "whats that forgotten what it is it's bin that long" (my OH normally has a very high sex drive but recently hasn't come near me) he told me that he was put of sex because I wanted a baby. I said to him that I couldn't see his point as I have the coil and he pulls out anyway. He said that women do crazy things when they want a baby and he thought that I may of had my coil taken out with out him knowing. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Ok I can't say that the thought has never gone through my mind but I would never do that. I would never trick him in2 having a baby and was a little hurt that he would ever think that of me. I still think that he compares our relationship to his and his ex as she fell pregnant after them only knowing each other 3months. I just can't seem to get through to him that we are completely different to what him and his ex were. He keeps saying he doesn't compare us but he obviously does.

Sorry for the rant just had to get it of my chest

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awww I'm sorry to hear that. That would be frustrating that he doesn't trust you not to trick him into having a baby.

You should seduce him. lol He won't be able to resist you in sexy lingerie I'm sure.

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My OH has said something similar to me.... He hasn't said he's been put off sex, but he has said that women 'are too smart', and they will do anything to get pregnant if they want it enough. I was like " pull out, there's not much I can do about that!", and he said there would always be guys that I could find to sleep with, if I wanted to get pregnant

I think men are just wired completely differently

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men really are a strange species sometimes

i feel for you Hs1987, my OH has compared me to his ex from time to time and ive gone completely mental...i thought he was completely out of order especially seens how his ex is the most vindictive, evil person you will ever come across.

i dont understand why our OH's dont get that as badly as we want children its still important to us that our OH's are happy and want children too. sometime i feel like cause of my OH's previous experience he expects all women to be the same xx

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sorry he said that to u chick, as said above men really do say some stupid things at the wrong times. My OH has said something similar to me before now and i wasnt happy at all to think that he had that opinion of me

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aw hun, sorry to hear about this but i agree with PPs, men have a funny way of thinking about things!

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if hes that worried then why doesnt he take control of bc! did he realise he was being hurtful by saying that? i would go mental if my OH said that to me, as its like he's saying he doesnt trust you.
you should remind of all the ways youve shown your trust. x

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And you're still with him? OMG! If my dh had that opinion of me I would seriously be looking for a divorce! How rude of him! I would be so mad!! In fact I am mad now and he isn;t my husband! Lol!

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