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Are you breatfeeding or formula feeding? Cosleeping? Cloth nappies?

I am always thinking about what I'm going to do when I have my LO, and its great to hear other people's opinions and plans, because I draw a lot of inspiration from them and it's nice to learn new things!

So! What are your plans?

I really, desperately want to breastfeed. Not because I think "breast is best" or anything like that, but I find that connection between mom and baby so beautiful! I don't know if it will be possible for me to do this, because I know people run into problems with it sometimes, but I'm hoping above all else, that I'm able to do this. If not, though, I have no problem formula feeding. Maybe if I'm unable to get baby to latch, I'll be able to pump so that they can still get the nutrients that are in the milk...

I want to cosleep, too. Except my OH rolls in his sleep, and he's a giant. I might have to resort to using a cosleeper next to the bed, rather than having the baby in the bed with me, lol. Either way will be just fine!

I don't know about cloth nappies... I don't know enough about how to use them and clean them and whatnot. I'm still undecided! Hopefully someone will share and enlighten me, possibly convince me!

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Hi There i have two Little girls already (ages 4 & 7)

With My first i formula fed (tried breastfeeding for a day but was really sore)
she slept in a crib next to me
and used huggies nappies

with my second i breastfed (for 14 months) had a few probs early days and had pnd so i recon i did quite well lol
she slept in a crib next to me
and used pamper nappies

with my next fingers crossed i am hoping to do the same as i did with my second :-) xx

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I wasn't able to establish breastfeeding, she just wouldn't maintain a latch, so have been formula feeding since very early on - great for sharing the responsibility (and getting sleep!) but cleaning and making bottles is such a chore. Hopefully I'll be able to breastfeed next time.

I was never tempted to co-sleep, I couldn't even sleep with LO lying on me in the hospital. In fact, LO slept better when she went into her own room.

I LOVE cloth nappies! They are so much cheaper and prettier than disposables, and nowhere near the hassle I'd expected.

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Il be breastfeeding if it works out next time, part time co sleep and use cloth nappys like we do now.

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I'm going to do everything I can to breastfeed, I'm just praying that I can do it. I am going to cloth diaper also, and babywear when possible. Strollers are a pain in the behind! I won't be co-sleeping though, I am too paranoid about SIDS, or accidentally rolling over onto baby or something horrible like that.

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With this little one, I had to formula feed, but we do partially cosleep and I want to switch to cloth. With the next one I plan to breastfeed, cosleep/partially cosleep, and I'm not sure about the diapers ye.t

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I breastfeed. It was hard at first and we nearly had to give up but I'm so glad we persevered! I love, love, LOVE breastfeeding! I can't rave about it enough.

I would love to co sleep but we have a pillow top mattress and dh is a heavy sleeper, so LO sleeps in a cot in our room.

I baby wear and/or use a parent facing pram.

We don't sleep train, instead of 'cry it out' we 'cuddle it out' and it works for us.

I plan to do much the same for baby # 2

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Formula feeding

baby will be in own bed from the word go will have a hanging bassinate (sp?) in the cot, I will sleep in their room for the first week or two but after that they are own their own

and i will be using cloth nappies (with disposable liner) when at home but when i go out will be using disposable nappies and at night time i will double nappy them so disposable on bottom cloth on top, to try and stop spills in the night.

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I had feeding issues with my first LO so switched to breastfeeding at 6 weeks but am so desperate to breastfeed my next LO.

We had LO in our room for 6 weeks then switched him to his own room. With the next one i think i will keep them in my room to maybe 12 weeks mainly because of the earthquakes. I could never co-sleep i am too paranoid and i like my bed to me and OH.

For nappies we have used disposables with our current LO and probably will with our next one too.

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Im just going to go with the flow like I did last time
I managed to combi feed for the first few months but with mostly expressed as he just wasnt interested in bf and hated being held like that so kicked up such a fuss everytime I tried but I couldnt keep the flow going with that so he ended up being ff and was so much calmer for it.
So next time im going try again but if it doesnt work im not going to get worked up about it.
Im neither for or against co sleeping but ds1 was much happier sleeping with his own space, I wont do co sleeping purely because OH swings his arms about in his sleep
No idea how long LO2 will sleep in our room we'll just go with the flow.
ds1 slept in our room for a year but that was only because he didnt have his wn room, now he does but it alll depends on who keeps who awake

As for nappies I had every intention of going for cloth but as soon as I saw that first poo that was the end of that idea

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