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Rubella Checks

Hi all,

I was wondering how many of you are going to go to the doctor to have your Rubella Immunity checked before TTC?

I hadn't heard of it until I started doing some research, then it mentioned it in my Tommy's Free book, so I'm thinking I should check, just to be sure?

Apparently you can't TTC for a month after if you need a booster vaccine, so I want to book an appointment soon, but as I'm going away on holiday the doctor can't see me & their appointment system doesn't run as far as the end of the month!?

I want to get it over and done with just in case we decide to TTC early...

But part of me wonders if it's necessary- how many people actually worry about it?

Thanks in advance for your advice


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If you have had a rubella immunisation, or have had rubella infection, there is still a small chance that your body has not made enough antibodies against the rubella virus to protect you. The only way to check whether the immunisation has worked is to have a blood test.

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Yep, I have. Here MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) are all in one vaccination, so they do a blood test for all three. I was low (not sure which one), so they gave me a new vaccine. You don't HAVE to have it done, but if you don't, you can't get it once you are pregnant, and thus risk the chances of becoming infected. Many people fall pregnant without getting it done beforehand, however.

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Went to get my thyroid bloods done at beginning of June...talked to my GP about ttc during the consultation...and when I got my blood results back I noticed she'd also tested for rubella, so was very glad I mentioned ttc, as it wouldn't have occured to me to ask about rubella testing etc.

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I got a blood test done to check for rubella immunity and I didn't need a booster as I already had antibodies, but I would've got the combined MMR vaccine if I wasn't immune. Agree with puppymom, you can't get it done when you're pregnant, so if you have a few months before TTC you may as well...? Better safe than sorry

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