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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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First signal hpt

Hello!! Im new here!! I was wonderin whateveryones take on these walmart 88cent tests.... I took a couple tests last month it was bfn then a couple hrs later tgere was a faint line then it disappeared it happened on 2 tests now i just took 2 a couple days ago n theres a line there now ita purple n still there 2 days later i kno it poped up maybe 30 mins later!! Not sure what to think!! Whats ur experiences

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This will probably get moved to the TTC section hun, but while I'm here, they sound like evap lines you should only look at your test in the time they suggest (5-10 mins or something) if you're pregnant the line will show in that time, even if it's faint, if you are using cheaper tests I would suggest making sure you are a few days late so your hormone levels have chance to raise if you are pregnant, do it with your first pee of the day (don't drink too much before hand) and only look at the results after the 5 mins or whatever they say anything after 10 mins (I think it's 10 mins) is just an evap line I think- someone correct me if I'm wrong. If you had fallen pregnant last month I imagine you would have had a strong test 5 mins after peeing on it, it should only be faint around the time your period is due which is when your hormone levels are lower, I got strong tests when I was a week late. GL

edit: in case you're unaware of the terminology an evaporation line is just a second line that is caused from the liquid and does not indicate a positive, I believe they usually occur when the test has been left for some time which is why you should just throw it away after 10 mins or so.

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