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Chinese Gender Predictor Charts

So I'm sure the lot of you have seen one of these before, and although they are completely silly, I thought that since many of you know the month you plan to TTC, then this might be fun. All you have to do is pick the month you will be TTC and your age at that time to get your answer.

I will be TTC in Dec. two years from now, I will be 25, so I am predicted a boy. That will be nice as we already have a girl, and I would really like one of each

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I am going to be trying April/May/June and am 28 so predicted a girl. But I was 26 with my last one and conceived in Oct, predicted a girl...I have a boy!

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Was right for me for when I concieved Ava! x

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I tried this last time and it said girl but I have a boy. This time it says if I conceive anytime between now and June it'll be a girl. They claim it's 75% accurate, I wonder if 75% of the people on here who try it for an older child find it was right?!

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I'm 22 and will be hopefully TTC in July. If we conceive straight away we will have a girl according to this chart. I also checked for the rest of the year and we will have a girl for every month except for August where we would have a boy. It will be interesting to see if that prediction will be true or not.

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I will be 20 when we start NTNP and will start in April and it says Boy It has boy right up until October and if I was to concieve in October then it would be a girl I love all the predictor things!

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