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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Aw that's so nice TwilightAgain, congratulations on the masters, good luck with the house and soon to be baby baby dust to you for when you start trying

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Oh wow!! this is my post from 5 years ago!!

It's crazy reading this. It seems like yesterday.

I'll update you guys. Since then I left my OH.. I finished my degree, travelled the world, bought a house, and lived overseas. I'm now turning 25

Needless to say I am unbelievably happy I waited. The things I've achieved give me so much security and confidence in myself. I feel like a 'real' adult now that i've proven to myself I am capable and strong. I am now less anxious and know myself much better. I also know what I want from a man and from life.

It hasn't been easy. I've been broody basically the entire 5 years. A few times I tried to give into it... but just knew it wasn't my time yet. I'd get very upset about it. Nothing seemed to make it go away- but all this helped by distracting me. I believe some people are just born to be mothers.

I think now that i'm so ready for a baby, it has struck me again. Because I have now achieved everything I was waiting to achieve. It's like a sick joke though because i'm FINALLY ready...... but for the first time in my life, i'm completely single!!

Lately i've been feeling like I just don't care anymore and I should just have a baby anyway.. but i've waited too and fought too hard for it to turn out anything less then what i'd always imagined it would be.


I'll update you in another 5 years xx

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what a great update! congrats on everything youve acheived!!!! i had a baby all on my own 4 years ago now! i enjoyed it, but it isnt for everyone.

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Wow what a great story :l

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That's a great update!

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