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Originally Posted by Girly922 View Post
Originally Posted by Girly922 View Post
Originally Posted by Girly922 View Post
Just seen this pop up in my subscribed threads. I had completely forgotten about writing this but figured, as its been just over a year I figured I would also update.

Originally Posted by Girly922 View Post
Hopefully with a house decorated perfectly. And about 3months pg. Oh, and a ring would be the icing on the cake.
Well, we own our own house now. Not perfectly decorated but getting there. Only a couple more rooms to do now.
I'm also 5 months pregnant, on team due 20th October No ring as of yet but I'm happy with that. We've got a lot going on right now as it is. Very happy girl!
Thought I'd have a search through for this, to see how everyone's doing a year on.

It's been exactly a year since I posted my last update.
We now have a 7m old daughter. She's perfect, constantly on the move, and a real daddy's little girl.
We've got most of the house and garden sorted. Just need a new bathroom when we can afford it, ours is something out of the 70s! Lol. Then it's just saving up for our loft conversion. We also have a 4m old puppy who's so cute!

In a year, I'll be back at work and we won't be far off our date to ttc #2.
I can't believe a year has passed already!
DD is nearly 20 months and is running around, talking in sentences, singing like a proper little girl. I'm back at work part time, and she's settled into nursery extremely well.

We were fast approaching our TTC date, with OH asking if we should bring it forward a couple of months, when he (finally ) popped the question! So all babymaking is off until after the wedding! Lol.

In a year we will be a couple of months before our wedding day, and I'll have started my prenatals and vitamin b complex to get my cycles regulated ready to start ttc on our honeymoon. I doubt much else will have happened as all our efforts are currently going on saving money and wedding planning..
It's been two years since I updated on here, just goes to show how busy we were last year with the wedding!

The wedding was amazing, everything about it was perfect and I wish I could do it again and again. Hubby planned a fantastic surprise honeymoon, I'm going to let him plan every holiday from now on! and I'm currently 34 weeks with #2. DD is so excited to be a big sister, we are team again, and she can't make up her mind whether she'd like a brother of a sister. She's just happy to feel the kicks and talk to my bump. It really is the most adorable thing ever!

We are also moving swiftly ahead with our loft conversion, all plans are in place and we've got council approval so just to find a builder and decide when the best time will be for work to start, especially with a newborn around.

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In a year, I hope to have progressed my career more. Think it will be a couple of years before my partner and I are both ready to TTC.

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Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post
Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post
Originally Posted by kksy9b View Post
In a year from now I hope to have our house sold and be in the early stages of building our new house (while living in a rental). Otherwise not much else should change I hope! My DS will be just over a year old by then so I'm just looking forward to all of his milestones over the next year!
Totally forgot about this thread! Practically one year to the day so not bad

Well, we wound up not being able to build BUT we did sell our old house and moved into an even better one than we were planning on building! We have been here 3 months tomorrow and absolutely love it! I have also loved watching my son grow in the last year. When i posted before he was 2 months old. Now he walks, runs,climbs, talks, laughs, gives kisses and high fives. Just an amazing kid!

In a year from now:

-be pregnant/TTC #2
-continue on my weight loss journey. I have lost 34 lbs so far and would like to lose at least 16 more before TTC
-Take a couple small vacations
-have at least half of our mortgage paid off
-finish my sons quilt that I've been working on for way too long!
-have DS fully weaned, sleeping through the night and in his bed all night (we co sleep a few hours a night ATM)
Thanks cupcake for bumping the thread

I'm a month off but update from last years goals:

- I'm 15 weeks pregnant now! Were going to stay team yellow this time. Very blessed we caught first cycle and so far everything is looking healthy!
- I am very proud of my weight loss journey. This time last year I had lost 34 pounds and was hoping for 16 reality, I would lose a little over double that amount! Total weight loss was 71 pounds!!
- we took an awesome family vacation to Florida last month and have several weekend trips for this fall.
-no go on the mortgage. We actually could have it fully paid off in the spring. However, several investment opportunities came up so we opted to go that route instead (the returns should pay for all of our monthly bills)
-finished the stitching, still have to put backing on but I only found the right material a couple weeks ago
-done done done! It all happened at the same time just under a year ago!

A year from now:
-have a 6 month old and know if baby is a boy or girl! Ideally they will be sleeping in their own bed and not cosleeping
- make progress with Charles' speech. He is delayed and would love if he was caught up. He will be getting ready to start preschool
-DS to be out of his crib and in a big bed. Potty trained/in training would be amazing too
-have at least half the baby weight lost
- take an anniversary trip with just DH this fall
-complete a few small house projects (collages, finish playroom, redo kids rooms)
- celebrate my and DHs dirty thirty with a party!
This thread always seems to come up too fast! I'm a month early updating this year but don't want to forget about it so will go with it lol

Lets see...update on last years goals:

-Our baby BOY was born in January and will be 5 months old next week. What an amazing addition he has been to our family and has just fit in perfectly. He is a great sleeper and easy going baby in general
-DS moved into a full sized bed last September and we are currently potty training. His speech is greatly improved over last year. I've accepted that he has a speech disorder (Apraxia) but am pleased we are taking the steps needed for him to be successful. He starts preschool in 2 more months.
-Gained a total of 67 pounds back in the pregnancy but as of TODAY in fact, I have lost half of it, so goal met
-DH and I have been able to complete a few small house projects and can't wait to do more!
- We did not take a trip with just us last year. We actually had it all planned (weekend trip to a spa resort) but then everyone got super sick so we had to cancel and timing never worked back out to reschedule it.
- No dirty thirty party because I forgot how exhausting a newborn is! But we had a great time nonetheless.

This time next year:

-I hope to have Calvin weaned/nearly weaned from nursing
-Charles will be done with his first year of preschool and I hope to see massive improvements in speech
-Taking a trip to Bora Bora in September that should be amazing! Would love to have taken another family trip with everyone (Charles is staying home from Bora Bora)
-Love to have lost another 30 pounds
- Completed the C25K program again
- Date nights to have resumed!

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