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we have already tried him on hungry baby formula but he got so constipated and we have him on comfort formula. he still took 8oz of hungry baby milk too so didnt really work for him anyway xx

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I don't think it's that much TBH - both of mine ate more than that at 2 months. x

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at 6 wks it is likely a growth spurt. Rice cereal shouldn't be started till at least 17 wks as that is when their guts close.

3 wks, 6 wks, 3 months, 6 months = growth spurt

they usually last about 3 days

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My baby has been on 6/7 oz of formula since about 4 weeks old, it is alot compared to some babies but if thats how much they need, then so be it. My hv said if she is still hungry give her more as you cant go far wrong with the stage one milk and they wont gain too much on it. Also my baby goes through days where she drains all 7oz bottles and then other days where she only drink 5/6 oz.

She is 15 weeks old now and is still on 7oz I was worried she would want double that by now but she still happily drinking same amount of milk as 11 weeks ago, so I am glad i didnt move her to hungry baby or anything else - she's already 18 pound! Good luck with whatever you decide x

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8oz every 4 hours sounds about right for his age. I personally would hold off with the baby rice as his digestive system is no where capable enough to cope with it and it may cause him to have a bad stomach upset. Also in the bottle is defiantly a no no as it's a choking hazard. Having a young baby can be exhausting sometimes I know but his feeding pattern sounds fine for his age and it does get easier eventually x

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There is also a risk of choking if you put anything other than milk in bottles.

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The first big growth spurt happens around 6 weeks love, I remember Fran was taking 6oz every couple of hours for almost a week at that age. Rice contains no nutrition and may deny your baby what he needs to grow by filling him up so he can't drink the milk. And every 4 hours is just perfect. Hungry baby milk doesn't make them drink less, it's designed to help them go longer between feeds and is really for babies draining 8/9oz every 2 hours to delay weaning.

As the other ladies have rightly stated, babies tummy isn't mature enough to process any solids until at least 17 weeks old and when you do give rice or cereal it should be from a spoon - never in a bottle because it's a choking hazard.

My husband and his sister were both weaned at 8 weeks old and both now suffer terribly with IBS - not a coincidence in my opinion. You will hear many mums say "we started giving rice at x weeks and my baby is just fine" but the consequences of early weaning don't usually become apparent until adulthood.

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Just formula at this stage is what Bubs needs.

Giving rice at such a young age can open the door to a lot of problems.

Just feed him when he is hungry, I know it's exhausting but giving rice won't help.

V xxx

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I'd wait until 4 months at least hun, i know jayden fed a heck of alot in the first few months, he was on 7oz every 1-2 hours until he was approx 7 months, it seemed like he was constantly drinking milk) x

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8oz of formula is ok Hun. You will probably find in a few months he is still on that amount or maybe a little more but not much. Feeding babies before the reccommended age has been linked to people having problems with their guts later in life. Your little one may seem ok with it now but it could effect them when they are older. I have gut problems and it is not something I'd wish on anyone.

Good luck Hun, your doing a great job x

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