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Low hemoglobin - which foods to help increse

Hi all

At Gabbi's blood test, the results were that her hemoglobin level was low, not dangerously low, but was low.

What foods can I give her that will help increase this level?

Thanks girls x

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Mum (Mom)
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I had this problem when i was younger , I dont know if you've introduced full fat milk yet but thats a good one too ..Although she is still lil you can try these . and check with the doc about the liver ? mine said it was fine but i was 8 months old when i first got it

Yop drinkable yogurt,
Beef ~ ground beef tossed with some noodles may entice her.
Liver - I don't like it but she might... )
(chicken, fish, beef, pork, goat, deer, lamb,), beans, eggs, iron fortified cereal, dark green veggies (spinach, broccoli), prune juice

The iron from meats (heme-iron) is the kind your body absorbs best, but many young children have a hard time eating them. Offering a vitamin-C food with the iron food helps increase absorption (split pea soup w/ham, tomato based chili w/beans, dry cereal w/berries).

You can also ask your doc about Poly-vi-sol with Iron there multi vits

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Here are a few ideas of iron-rich foods that may be suitable either pureed or given as finger foods: pureed apricot (made from fresh, tinned or dried apricots), minced beef cooked with tinned tomatoes or passata, minced beef meatballs, florets of broccoli, green peas, peanut butter sandwiches made with wholegrain bread, tofu, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes, baked beans, egg mayonaise, broccoli watercress and spinach soup (one of my favourites to eat when I'm anaemic!).

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