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Getting woirried ..

im a first time mum, and weaning is new to me !
i am trying to stay positive, but am feeling anxious
My baby does not seem to want to eat much other than fruits, my mum tells me its my own fault hes rekecting veg as i gave him too much sweet food no idea what to do. Any suggestions welcome - below is a quick summary of what ive done so far
Thanks so much in advance - i dont know what id do without this place

I started weaning LO at 6 months
He is breast fed, and i am still breast feeding (my sister tells me the issues i am having are because i feed him at the breast too much, especially at night, so hes not truly hungry)
...anyway, i started on purees for acouple of weeks, but then felt he wasnt really enjoying so id start on 'real food'. my hv had told e baby can eat anything we eat. i must say though i am quite anxious about choking, as baby has no teeth, in fact i have a slightly irrational fear of it

anyway hes on 3 meals a day
im trying diffeent foods each day
he doesnt seem to enjoy much so far
usualy eats a few bites and stops - i dont want to force him

things he will eat:
oat cereal at breakfast
mashed banana
mashed apple
mashed pear
baby yoghurt

things he will eat small amounts of:
toast (small amounts)
baked beans
cod fish
scrambled egg
rice and chicken

things he seems to hate
mixed veg
sweet potato

so, my issues are - he doesnt like veg and he only eats really small amounts.
im sure if i gave him other sweet things like rice pudding s etc hed eat them but im worried about him totaly rejecting savory food ..

Help please ....

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Deep breath. You're doing great!

Breast milk is naturally sweet, have you ever tasted it? Super sweet. Therefore they are naturally drawn to sweeter foods as that's what's familar. My LO did that for a while too but he's back to at least tasting most things (even if its one or two bites lol)

Breastmilk is all he needs for now anyways, continue to BF on demand (my 10 month old still 'demands' it 10-15x/24 hour period) and continue to offer lots of different textures and flavours.. Don't worry too much, as long as everything is offered there isn't a whole lot you can do to force a baby to eat lol, the second my LO waves bye bye to his high chair tray and food you can bet he won't be willing to try anything else. Follow your babies lead, he's still very young and has plenty of time to learn to enjoy solids!

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Eating small amounts is totally normal - he is only just beginning solids and he needs to get almost all of his nutrition from milk still. Food at this stage is just about exploring new tastes and textures. You should continue to breastfeed on demand. I find the best time to offer solids is about an hour after a breastfeed. So say LO wakes up at 7.30 in the morning, we have breakfast about 8:15 to 8:30. I tend to offer a breastfeed at 5 ish in the afternoon to fit in with having dinner at 6.30 pm latest. It is totally normal for him to still be taking night feeds and totally normal for him to be breastfeeding frequently in the daytime.

Don't worry about things he doesn't eat a lot of or doesn't seem to like. Sometimes it takes quite a few tries of tasting something before you grow to like it. Offer it again after a while and let him have another go but no big deal if he still doesn't want it yet. Never ever let food become some sort of negative battle between you and your baby.

It sounds like your baby has made a good start and has had the opportunity to try lots of different things. Only having a few bites of something doesn't always mean he doesn't like it, they do still have tiny tummies so a portion of fruit or veg for a baby would be much smaller than an adult portion.

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I wouldnt worry, if your LO was 11 months and the same, then it may be something to worry about.

I didnt start solids with my LO til 6.5 months and it was just normal foods - not single tastes, things like spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, lentil soups etc.

I would just keep offering different tastes, always after breastfeeding - I would wait around 40mins after breastfeeding to offer some solids

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