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advice please. 18 week old taking less milk

Hi. I started weaning Izzy at 17 weeks due to her reflux, she was also grabbing food off me and eating it etc. This is her average day.

9am she wakes
9.15 - 5oz
10.15 - half a pot of mixed fruit

12.45 ish - 4oz
1.45 - half a pouch ellas kitchen,
2.00 - couple of finger food to nibble

5.00 - 5 oz

5.45 - half a pouch
6.00 - maybe an ounce
6.30 bath
7.00 6oz
8.00 4ozs

She always fills up at a night time after her bath but she has gone from 5-6 five ounce bottles too two five ounce bottles and three three too four ounce bottles.
Is it normal for the amount to drop?

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Mum (Mom)
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Her milk intake will inevitably drop once she starts taking solids.

As she is now on 3 meals a day aslong as she is taking about 21oz of formula aswell then she should be getting everything she needs. xxx

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